Monday, July 19, 2021

Some General Stuff

My folks have left for their trip on Saturday and I am starting to really enjoy the peace and quiet. Most of Saturday was spent on doing projects that I planned on doing after the whole airport drop off. Yesterday was a whole lot of nothing with the electricity going out. The vacuuming that I had planned along with a few other things went out the window. When the electricity came back on, it was mid evening and I just wasn't up to the cleaning. Today it was just some of the vacuuming.

Thus far, I finished up 1 partial candle and 3 that are burning now. I hope to have those finished off either tonight or tomorrow before I start 3 more. I just want to create more space and what faster way to do that is to burn candles? With 60ish candles and with not a lot of space, they have to get used. I still have a goal of using 6 candles before my folks come back. Especially before my mother comes back because I want to use 2 Honeycrisp Apple candles. I am trying to use up candles that are not my thing or thing anymore. Fresh Balsam, Rosewater Ivy are 2 that I did enjoy but not so much anymore. The Fresh Cut Lilacs I still enjoy to a certain extent but it's a candle that is just too potent to be burned for very long. I am starting to find that while I like heavy hitters in terms of perfume, heavy hitters in candles, not so much.

Sephora has their point multiplier thing going on right now and if I remember right, it goes until Saturday. I did brake down and used that $10 credit and the point multiplier for a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle EDT. If anyone who is familiar with Chanel knows that parfum, EDP and EDT smell slightly different. But I have noticed with the Chanel twist and spray minis that I have, they seem to have either an evaporation issue of the spray mechanism isn't the best since I noticed that with the Coco Mademoiselle Intense that I have, there is some condensation around the spray part. If CM or no 5 were my signature perfume, this would not be too much of an issue. At this point, I am sure sure that I would be getting any more of the twist and sprays. Travel sprays are an awesome idea but the execution isn't quite there.

I could have ordered that bottle a little later but want to have any kind package delivered before people come back from their travels. I don't need them questioning me about a Sephora package or an Amazon or my Tazo chai tea order. I've made a huge dent in not ordering things. The next time Bath and Body Works will be getting any of my cash is when Candle Day comes and I can stock up a little more with the Winter candle that I enjoy so much. Until that day comes, I hope that I can get through more candles.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

64 Reykjavik Distillery Landi EDP Review


When NST announced the community project of wearing a Nordic perfume, I had to go through my unworn and not reviewed bag to find 64 Reykjavik Distillery Landi EDP. I am not exactly sure when I had acquired this decant from STC bur it was probably a while back and it's not on the STC website anymore.

After spending some time with Google and seeing what information and reviews there are, I came up mostly empty handed with Landi. Yes, it's a brand and perfume that's pretty much unknown. Whatever reviews that I could find was pretty much gleaned from the perfume's website and those were pretty much one line or a couple of words. That doesn't tell me much or leave much of an impression.

Landi is something marketed towards men but I think that Landi is more androgynous type of perfume. I find it to be pretty close to Andy Tauer's L'Air des Alpes Suisses or it at least has that vibe of that with a hint of Les Annees 25 BIS. Landi at first smells quite a bit like many other types of easy to find colognes but shifts to something a little more wood like and a little mossy but I can't really decipher individual notes. I find Landi to be pleasant and maybe something I have smelled a few times before. Lasting power on my skin is probably around four and a half hours. All I know is that I am not going to be seeking this one out. One reason is that it's a little too much cash for what it is and the second is that it's pretty hard to find. I'm not game anymore to really seek out the incredibly hard to find stuff anymore.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon

Since BBW is having their semi annual sale, I had to circle back and pick up some Cucumber Melon. I was just entering high school when BBW Cucumber Melon exploded onto the scene. Just about every girl at my high school wore this one and I was no exception. After BBW came out with their Cucumber Melon, everyone else seemed to jump on the bandwagon.

After a while, probably shortly after I graduated from high school, I went onto smelling other things besides Cucumber Melon, Clinique Happy and Estee Lauder Pleasures. I really think that I was horribly bored with those three and didn't exactly have the means to keep buying them with college and all. 

I haven't smelled BBW Cucumber Melon in close to forever and I had no freaking clue on why I wanted to get some so badly but I ended up getting the body spray, soap and lotion for under $15. My view was that if I didn't quite like it, that $15 wasn't going to bankrupt me. I'm not exactly sure on what I was expecting but Cucumber Melon seems to be a little heavier than I remember and maybe not quite as long lasting as I remember. I remember something a little more airy but I could be confusing with more blasts from the past like Gap Heaven or Dream. But Cucumber Melon in many ways was pretty much like I remembered smelling at the end of the day. I think that wearing some Cucumber Melon will be a once in a while thing.

Maybe I have gotten pretty snobbish with perfume, maybe the formulations have changed or I just outgrew BBW offerings when it comes to their body products. I think that I will stick to the BBW candles but only purchase more candles when my stock runs low.


Sunday, June 27, 2021

General Stuff

 Amazon Prime Day has come and gone and really didn't see much that caught my eye. That meant that I stayed under my $50 limit. I'm happy in a way that there was nothing in particular that I was looking for except an inexpensive funny shirt and garden lights for when my father's birthday rolls around in August. Better just to get that stuff out of the way early.

I am still making a concerted effort not to go hog wild when it comes to spending. A vet appointment is coming up a couple days before my parents go to California and I want to make sure that there are funds to cover the out of the ordinary cost. All I can say is that it's a good thing Prime Day is over and I am so over the Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. I've bought enough stuff this year from BBW and with over 60 candles and no extra place to store them, I can't even begin to think on what order to burn my single wick candles. I know I will probably be going through a fair bit of them when family members leave. That means I can seriously burn whatever I see fit. If I want to burn to straight up apple candles, I can do that. Or I can burn two or three candles at a time if the fancy suits me. I just have to make sure to air out the house before my folks come back.

Recently, I have been hankering for Mitsouko, especially the vintage EDT. I have a partially used bottle going but the mugginess is what kind of prevents me from busting her out. I love Mitsouko because she is a queen. She know what she wants and goes after it, she is not the type that extends friendship so readily, she knows that she is a sensual being but doesn't take just anyone into her bed. Mitsouko is a fearless and demanding queen. I think that I shall wear the queen before bed tomorrow since it's pretty hot outside.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Can't Get my Act Together to Post

I just can't seem to get it together to make any kind of post. It's getting to be pretty rare anymore that I actually try and review a new perfume. Some of the motivation is there and so is the desire but after being bitched at at work, I lost some of the motivation to try out new things. It's trying to wear and cherish what I do already have. The finances aren't there too for a lot of new perfume and I've spent more than enough on perfume this year.

There is some good news. I don't have to really scrimp tons at this point but still want to save up a little bit. In a about a couple weeks, I get to take my dogs to the vet for a rabies shot and a heart worm test. I'm budgeting for that and I have more medication for Jake than I remembered. I had forgot that my vet wrote a script for a 6 month supply. That is what happens with a supply like that, it's in what seems like a million pill bottles. I've pretty much worked out a food budget for when my parents are in California but I am not so worried about that. It's only going to be me while they are gone and the dogs will be home.

Right now, Bath and Body Works is having their semi annual sale going on. I was initially excited when I got the email the night before and when I went to the website, I wasn't too impressed with what I saw. Did they get me to part with some money? Yes, but not as much as they probably hoped. I stuck to 1 candle and two stocking stuffers. The sale didn't wow me like in years past and I am okay with that.

What I am waiting for is Amazon Prime Day, even though I don't think that the deals will be all that great. I don't need a new Kindle, I don't need an Echo or Fire TV, I am looking for books and a couple other cheaper things. But shopping Prime Day for the sake of Prime Day is not my thing anymore. It seems like the pandemic took it's toll on the sales and the sales aren't so great any more. I guess it's more cash in my pocket at the end of the day.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Already Making Plans

 A few hours ago, I was made aware of other people's travel plans. Plans that don't include me and I am okay with that because not all is lost. All I can think of doing is make plans.

The plans I seem to be making are bigger projects to do around the house. Nothing extravagant but I'd like to take care of a couple things. I would really like to really organize the laundry room, seriously clean out the fridge and take care of that huge pile of junk that sits on the dining room table.Things like that don't really get done when everyone is home.

The biggest thing that I want to accomplish is using up some more candles. I see the best way to do that when everyone will be out of town is to burn two of them at once. But all of these plans require some thinking and planning though. I have two dogs that like to counter surf, so I have to be home if I have candles burning. I've never had candles burning and left the house to go do something else. With sixty plus candles, I don't have much of a choice as to start burning two at a time and what better way to do it than when everyone is out of the house. The two scents that I have picked out so far are Honeycrisp Apple and Rosewater Ivy. But in the meantime, I need to keep burning one at a time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

More Body Stuff to Review

 Clinique Happy is a throwback perfume for me. Happy came on to the market my sophomore year of high school (I know that I am dating myself). A few girls, along with myself did wear Happy but it seems like we seemed to stick with Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon. Working at minimum wage job for only 15-20 hours a week isn't a ton of cash and affording something a little more expensive than Bath and Body Works at the time was a luxury. When I was younger, and in high school, I did spend quite a bit at Bath and Body Works.

I don't ever recall trying out Happy's matching soaps and lotions but I now have had the opportunity to try out the gelato body cream. The body cream felt rich and decadent when I put it on after my shower and I really did enjoy the feeling while applying but I did notice about an hour in, the body cream doesn't seem to be enough for my dry skin. It might be leaving my skin feeling a little softer but not exactly moisturized. It might be due to the fact that it's almost 90F outside and pretty dry outside. This is where I think that I  have gotten a little too used to Chanel and Amouage body products. The Happy gelato cream does smell like Happy but there isn't a ton of scent to the cream. With Chanel and Amouage products, I don't really need to apply the perfume on top of the body products. This is probably a shrewd move on Clinique's part to get people to buy more but I'm not going to grudge them on that. I find the lotions to be nice enough but it doesn't really suit my needs in terms of lotion.

It's a rarity for me for me to use one of those pore strip things. I've never had problems with pimples, acne or blackheads. Once in a while I do use the pore strips when the sides of my nose look a little clogged up. The original pore strips got some of the crap out and I wanted to see if the charcoal pore strips would work any better. This turned out to be a bit fat no. The only thing that I noticed is that it was just easier to see what kind of crud came out of my nose than anything else. Do the Biore pore strips really work? Can't really say for others but for me, they don't really work all that great.

I just seem to be striking out with a lot of things come lately and all that I am hoping for is that we actually do get rain tomorrow even if it's in the form of thunderstorms.