Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer Perfume

It's that time of year. The time of grilling, mosquitoes and mosquito bites, bees and most of all hot weather. That muggy type of hot, that insufferable type of hot. I got to thinking about perfumes that can work when the heat is insufferable.

A few of my picks are from the Commes des Garcones incense line, specifically Kyoto and Zagorsk. Summer heats doesn't make anything really stick around all that much, maybe 3 or 4 hours at best. Kyoto and Zagorsk are not heavy perfumes and in heat, they are great. Dry but not bone dry, airy but not really. They just seem to work in summer.

Another favorite in summer in Chanel no 19 in EDT form. It's bitey, it's light, slightly bitter but it works in summer. The extrait and EDP don't do the trick in summer, early spring, maybe but not summer. The extrait and EDP just get annoying and seem to be too much in summer. Worth Courtesan is another good one to. It's cheerful, relativity cheap and it's fun. That slightly sweaty pineapple and the barest hint of musk make it a wonderful perfume for the summer.

The last perfume that seems to suit in my collection is En Passant. The lilac, cucumber, wheat and the watery aspect just work in heat, if you use a light hand. Spray with a heavy hand, it might not work.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Amouage Gold for Men

I've been struggling with Amouage's offerings for men. None of what I had tried didn't wow me, let alone impress me. They were light, thin and weak things. I couldn't understand nor see the correlation between the men's version and the women's version of any of them. Then came Gold for men.

I have always found Gold for women a little difficult to wear. Too big, too dense, and way too much civet that got really fecal. As difficult as the women's version is, I do wear it from time to time.

Gold for men starts out as almost a dead ringer for the women's version. I noticed that everything is toned down and drier. The floral aspect is still prominant but doesn't smell overwhelming to my nose. What made me really happy is the civet note wasn't huge and fecal. There was just enough to give it a bit of a growl. Gold Woman has a civet note was huge to the point of crass and was very poopy. I loved how the frankincense was very prominant and didn't allow anything to get out of hand. Gold Man has the lasting power of nuclear waste of my perfume eating skin.

I'm in love with Gold Man because I see how it ties into Gold Woman. Could I see a man wearing this? It would take a very confidant man to wear it but I would gladly take a bottle. So I have to save my pennies and get it for my birthday, or Christmas or when I get my next tax refund.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring is here to stay

It looks like spring is here to stay. I have been pretty busy. With the new puppy and many changes at work, I don't have much of a motivation to blog or try anything new. But since the weather is much warmer, almost unseasonably warm, it's difficult with my perfume collection.

A few days ago, while having the new puppy outside to use the bathroom, I end up getting stung on the top of my head by a hornet. I don't know why but I remember wearing vintage Bal that day. That's the little dickens to the left. I have forgotten many things with having a puppy in the house. How often I need to take them out to go to the bathroom, playing, chewing everything, even hands and much more. Right now, she is napping on the couch downstairs, so I have a little bit of time to blog.

But back to the hornet sting and vintage Bal, I had to take a look at my collection. Most of my collection is on the oriental side or kind of on the sweet side. I don't have much in the way of stuff that will keep the bees away or be overwhelming. I have Chanel no 19, Mitsouko on cooler days, Deneuve might be a little sketchy and LADDM. So I have just four perfumes that probably would bet me through spring and summer but I'm not counting on it. I am looking for another spring/summer perfume that won't attract bugs and things that sting but coming up short with what would be good.