Monday, November 27, 2017

It's Holiday Season and Guerlain Samsara EDP review

It's now the holiday season and I am dreading the next 5 weeks. Nothing but holiday parties, gift shopping and all of that. It seems like everyone is in a rush and in a bad mood, driving themselves crazy.

I think that people are driving themselves crazy with the whole having a perfect Christmas thing. Nothing is perfect and that perfect stuff is in your head. Some of it has got to be insecurity and people just want to impress their family and friends. It's Christmas, enjoy it, the world is not going to end because it wasn't perfect. Since Black Friday has since passed and we are on Cyber Monday. Did I go shopping? You betcha, and spent more than I really should have. My version of shopping is going online and getting it because I loath crowds. My e-mail is getting bombed with deals but the discretionary spending money is gone for a couple weeks and all I have to do is hop to the Toys R Us website for my nephews and I can call it a day.

Today was the day that I went into the unworn bag and pulled something out to wear. The reason was that the unworn and not reviewed bag was overflowing and now I have more on the way in terms of things to review. It turned out to be Samsara in EDP form. I was hoping it wouldn't be one of those typical '80's perfumes. In a way, it was the normal run of the mill '80's scents but quieter. I smell a whopping dose of creamy jasmine that stays front and center throughout my journey. Eventually, I get some fresh green note that follows the jasmine. I think that it's to tone down the jasmine note but Samsara evolves a little more. I get hints of tonka bean with an undercurrent of vanilla. This is the most modern version of Samsara and it does seem to be a little rough around the edges which bothers me a little bit due to the fact that I like my perfumes well blended and smooth. Lasting power for me was about 6 hours. Don't think that I would get a bottle though, my 8ml decant will suit me just fine.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Vacations and Writer's Block

Last week, I had found myself on vacation and didn't have anything planned for it. It turned into almost a week of running around trying to help an elderly grandmother who just had a knee replacement. Even though she expected me at her house everyday, I only was able to do 3 days. My grandmother is a incredibly demanding person that has no concept of time nor does she take into account that it takes 45 minutes for my family to arrive at her house. It seemed like every time she asked you to do something, she expected it to be done the nano second she asked. So in dealing with that and a couple other things, I am still tired. And now we are close to Thanksgiving and I am not looking forward to it.

It's been really tough to even attempt to wear and review anything. I live in a household that doesn't really like perfume. So it is fairly rare that I am home alone to really try anything but sometimes, I just say screw it, I am trying something new.