Monday, January 22, 2018

Viktoria Minya Hedonist Rose EDP Review

I remember when Viktoria Minya came out with her first perfume, Hedonist. The blogoshere seemed to blow up in perfume land. I raced right over to Luckyscent in the first few days of it's released and bought a bottle before I even bought a decant. A year or two later Viktoria had released 3 flankers. The only Hedonist flanker that isn't on Luckyscent is the Hedonist Rose.

I have always had a turbulent relationship with flankers. So I was wary of getting a decant of Hedonist Rose because it was a flanker and not exactly the easiest to get in case I fell in love.

Hedonist Rose naturally starts off with rose but not your ordinary rose. It's a jammy rose with a dose of peach. The peach kind of reminds me of Mitsouko, noticeable but doesn't take over. But the rose strongly reminds me of Nahema but it's not a copy cat at all. The peach and wine keep it away from being Nahema. The wine gives that boozy element but rum gives the original Hedonist the booze note. I haven't smelled wine in a perfume but have smelled rum and it's a different smelling booze note. I think that rum should have been stuck with unless it smelled really horrible with the rose. I see the similarities of Hedonist and Hedonist Rose. They are more like kissing cousins than siblings.

The lasting power of Hedonist Rose was impressive, lasting 9 hours on my skin. I think eventually I will get a bottle from Viktoria Minya's website but I don't exactly know exactly how much it is at the moment because of the price conversion and I'm not the biggest fan of ordering anything from overseas.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Life Before Perfume and Other Things

Since it looks like I have what I call a "baby cold" and a stye on my upper eyelid, reviewing a perfume is out. I still can smell but with a small cold, I can't smell that well to judge anything. It turns out that I did have a little more funds than I thought due to holiday pay, spending less than I thought for Christmas and returns. But I dared not and really couldn't spend a whole lot for a new bottle of perfume.

Inexpensive and niche perfume is not easily used in a sentence. But periodically, you do find something. What I have on my to buy list, in terms of perfume, is fairly up there in terms of price, so I proceeded with caution on Luckyscent and took at look. I posted on Twitter to Luckyscent that they shouldn't be so reliant on that sale page of theirs. Some of those bargains, are not exactly bargains. My idea was to every 4 or 5 months, offer a 10% or 15% off your order. Hopefully, they will take that into consideration. So after dithering on Andy Tauer's Vanilla Flash or spending extra money Viktoria Minya's Hedonist travel set, I went with Vanilla Flash. For $63, that's practically free in terms of niche. I'm going to have to wait until I file my taxes to see what's going to be my deal in terms of a refund. Maybe that full bottle of SDV is in the cards. But I digress.

But it got me into thinking about how things were before perfume. Before 2007, I only had one or two bottles of perfume. They were popular perfumes at the time, Clinique Happy and Estee Lauder Pleasures.  I wasn't someone who wore perfume every day. If I remembered to put some on, I did but it wasn't something that crossed my mind very often. So they sat around most of the time and took quite a while for me to use up. Somehow, I had received an e-mail from Chanel, telling me about Cuir de Russie. At the time, spending $200 on a perfume was a massive deal to me, especially since I had never smelled it. I figured that it was 6.8 ounces and if I didn't like it or had an allergic reaction, I would return it. Now, spending $200 or more on a perfume, doesn't scare me so much and I don't do the blind buy thing any more. I do consider the price and if I am going to spend over a $100, it better be for something I absolutely love before I commit. It's funny that now I can't really leave my house and go anywhere without perfume. What's even funnier is that in 2018, Cuir de Russie is no longer in EDT form and while they have a 2.5 oz bottle and a 6.8 ounce bottle, the prices have changed dramatically. The 2.5 ounce bottle now costs as much as what I paid for a 6.8 ounce bottle 10 years ago ($200). The 6.8 ounce bottle is a whopping $350. That made me shudder to think of Chanel becoming uber expensive to the point of not wanting to buy perfume from Chanel anymore.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Amouage Myths Woman Review

Yesterday, I had meant to grab my decant of Shalimar and instead grabbed Amouage Myths Woman. I was starting to run late and just grabbed the wrong decant. Usually, I don't spray any perfume when I leave for work until I am about two or three minutes away from work. Don't ask my why work is the only one that gets that treatment.

When I found out that I grabbed the wrong decant, going into work without wearing perfume wasn't an option. So on went Myths. I had first thought that it would be great. Crushed greens note and a green hyacinth note. Both notes were huge. Then after 10 minutes, things started to fall apart and in a big way. Patchouli and chocolate became huge players too. Patchouli and I are not friends and I am not a fan of chocolate in perfume. With the patchouli and chocolate, I was reminded of Coromandel, which I didn't much care for either. But Myths was still kind of in the awesome category.

After the chocolate and patchouli, came the musk. Holy crap, it became horrible after that. It took me a few hours to figure out what I was smelling. Because I've smelled it before. Then two hours later, I finally figured it out and it was Narciso Rodriguez for Her and I hate Narciso Rodriguez for Her. But when the musk came, the Coromandel element was lost. Yep, my nose gets a whole green Narciso Rodriguez for Her. Myths sits on my wrist like a hot mess for at least 9 hours.

I won't be getting a full bottle of these. Not even the first 10 minutes and a kick ass bottle can save it and in a way, I'm happy and so is my credit card. But I feel that Amouage has lost it's way especially after the creation of Honour. I miss the spiciness and dense manner of Amouage, which made Amouage great.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

It's a New Year

It's my first post of the new year and I don't have much of anything to report. So I don't have much of anything except this rambling post. So please bear with me on this one. I did try Jubilation 25 for men but I need to spend more time with it before I can do a review.

Every year, I've always hoped that I would finish a couple bottles of perfume before the year's end and that never happens. Well, today, it did. I have what seems like a million bottles of vintage Bal and today, I managed to finish a 1 ounce bottle of the cologne. I'm excited that I actually finished a bottle of something but saddened at the same time. The current version of Bal is a disgrace and vintage Bal can be expensive. Hopefully, I can get another bottle or two finished before adding anymore full bottles to my collection. I can't exactly go out and buy any full bottles because the finances are not there and probably won't be until sometime in March or April, when I do my taxes.

I will admit that I do enjoy Star Wars and did get to go see that a couple days after Christmas. I will admit that is was to the point of too long and that some stuff in the movie was pointless or not explained, I did enjoy the movie. I wasn't happy about how Rey's training went down or how Snoke's backstory and who he was were my two biggest gripes. I am not holding my breath with Episode 9 to explain or correct any of that. I do believe that Episode 9 will be that last Star Wars that I will watch. With Han, Luke, and Leia gone, it won't be the same.

Sorry for the bitching and whining.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Caron Aimez Moi Review

Caron is a perfume house that I've never explored but I had gotten bored with my current collection. Yesterday, I was bored with my collection and I pulled out Aimez Moi. Looking at the translation of Aimez Moi, the name translates to Love Me and the whole love me just sounds clingy and stalker like. This is pretty much a flanker of another Caron offering that is escaping me but I'm too lazy to look for the actual perfume title.

At first, I didn't know what I was smelling but the whole thing was familiar to me. The first thing that smacked my nose was the anise. I have always been a little iffy on anise because it does smell like black licorice and black licorice is something I have never liked. The anise does settle down a little bit but the anise isn't a smooth anise. The violet and heliotrope comes out to play and on my skin, they are not playing nicely. I get a little bit of a water note and I am thinking that the magnolia is the cause but the vanilla keeps the magnolia from getting too watery. I smell the thinnest thread of tonka in Aimez Moi. Tonka smells a lot like vanilla to my nose and it keeps everything from either running away or totally falling apart. After a while, I realized that this smells like Guerlain's Apres L'Ondee. I swear that this is Caron's version of Apres L'Ondee. I do get some references to the original Lolita Lempicka but Aimez Moi is too soft to be a sister but maybe a 2nd cousin.

Aimez Moi doesn't do anything for me, it just sits on my skin. I don't get a whole lot of development and this one is an EDT that lasts forever on my skin. So a bottle won't be added to my collection.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

CdG Jaisalmer EDT Review

Since I have been very slowly working my way through the unworn bag, it means that I am really not getting to finish trying CdG's Incense line. I have loved or at least liked what I have smelled with the whole line. On the perfume blogosphere, Avignon and Kyoto get the most love out of all. Now, it's time to look outside of those two perfumes.

I've spent the past couple days wearing Jaisalmer and now it's time to review it. Thus far, I have liked the CdG Incense line and Jaisalmer is no different. Jaisalmer is dry but not exactly bone dry, sweet but not really. The note that really dominates is the wood note. It's guaiac wood but I interpret it as cedar chips. If you ever had to change a guinea pig cage, you'd know the smell. With the wood, I get whiffs of what I think is pine trees. Then the incense starts to come out in droves and plays nicely with the wood. I do get cinnamon in the whole thing. The cinnamon keeps thing warm and adds a touch of sweetness without it being a dessert type perfume. My biggest gripe would be the lasting power. My skin eats EDT's within 4 hours and I only get 2 hours with Jaisalmer. If there was a lasting power greater than 2 hours, I'd probably be buying a bottle. At $95 and 2 hours of lasting power, I won't be getting this.

Monday, November 27, 2017

It's Holiday Season and Guerlain Samsara EDP review

It's now the holiday season and I am dreading the next 5 weeks. Nothing but holiday parties, gift shopping and all of that. It seems like everyone is in a rush and in a bad mood, driving themselves crazy.

I think that people are driving themselves crazy with the whole having a perfect Christmas thing. Nothing is perfect and that perfect stuff is in your head. Some of it has got to be insecurity and people just want to impress their family and friends. It's Christmas, enjoy it, the world is not going to end because it wasn't perfect. Since Black Friday has since passed and we are on Cyber Monday. Did I go shopping? You betcha, and spent more than I really should have. My version of shopping is going online and getting it because I loath crowds. My e-mail is getting bombed with deals but the discretionary spending money is gone for a couple weeks and all I have to do is hop to the Toys R Us website for my nephews and I can call it a day.

Today was the day that I went into the unworn bag and pulled something out to wear. The reason was that the unworn and not reviewed bag was overflowing and now I have more on the way in terms of things to review. It turned out to be Samsara in EDP form. I was hoping it wouldn't be one of those typical '80's perfumes. In a way, it was the normal run of the mill '80's scents but quieter. I smell a whopping dose of creamy jasmine that stays front and center throughout my journey. Eventually, I get some fresh green note that follows the jasmine. I think that it's to tone down the jasmine note but Samsara evolves a little more. I get hints of tonka bean with an undercurrent of vanilla. This is the most modern version of Samsara and it does seem to be a little rough around the edges which bothers me a little bit due to the fact that I like my perfumes well blended and smooth. Lasting power for me was about 6 hours. Don't think that I would get a bottle though, my 8ml decant will suit me just fine.