Monday, July 30, 2018

CK One Review

I think that it's time for a blast from the past. When I was in high school, the girls (myself included) mainly wore Happy, Pleasures and Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon. But then I remembered that CK One was something popular. CK One didn't seem to be hugely popular with the girls in terms of it being worn but seemed to be popular with the guys. Even though it's marketed as unisex. For some reason, I find androgynous a better term and a little classier than unisex.

When I was looking for a list of notes, I found that it was launched in 1994, shortly before I  hit middle school so maybe that's why I didn't smell a whole lot of it. I do remember seeing a ton of Calvin Klein ads for this and a few other offerings that were unleashed at this time. Black and white commercials in the age of color TV is pretty memorable.

CK One starts out with a whole lot of fresh cut lime on me. Which is pretty unusual since I can't find lime listed anywhere on the official list of notes so it's probably the pineapple and bergamot creating that note. After a couple minutes, I get hints of of cedar and maybe a little musk but the biggest thing that I noticed is how green in was and how linear that it is. There is no development One is pretty much the same from when you first apply it to when it peters out into nothing on skin. I don't remember ever owning a bottle but I might have but I think that my sister did have a small bottle of it that I snuck a small squirt. So yes, not a whole lot of change from the beginning to the end. It's pleasant, easy to wear and dirt cheap on FragranceNet and maybe a little pricier on Amazon but the 6.7 ounce is the most bang for your buck no matter what. For an EDT, the lasting power and projection is pretty decent, about five and a half to six hours on skin. I'm not impressed enough to own a bottle, even for old times sake but a decant will do.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Body Stuff and Things

Life with a 4 month old Lab puppy isn't easy. In effect, Sidney is a toddler and toddlers are into everything and chewing everything. We have been putting slippers and shoes up but she has figured out how to get them down to chew on them. Sidney has already gotten one of my slippers today. I've noticed that she is a very sensitive dog, the merest hint of a raised voice, she gets frightened. Other dogs barking, she's running for comfort.

My new Kindle came on Wednesday but haven't set it up. Well, I got my case for it on Saturday and put it together Sunday but haven't set up the Wi-Fi. The person who has the Wi-Fi password keeps forgetting to give it to me so I can finish setting up my new Kindle.

I'm still a fan of the Amouage body products and looking at some of their stuff. I find that the body butters and lotions are very moisturizing. I keep reminding myself that I have the Dia bar soap and hand lotion that I need to start using, since they aren't doing any good sitting on my nightstand, taking up space where space doesn't need to be taken up. I just have Lyric and Memoir in my bathroom and use them on a somewhat consistent basis. The funny thing is that I keep thinking of adding the Epic body wash and body butter or going all Jubilation 25. I will probably be able to decide around my birthday if I don't decide to get

Friday, July 20, 2018

Post Prim Day

Since we are past Prime Day, I am adding up the full extent of the damage fully done. I spent $248.18 in total. Granted, $174 was in gift cards already on my Amazon account, I still spent way more than I had wanted to. I had initially wanted just a Kindle 8, Kindle 10 and cases for them. That didn't happen exactly. I had gotten 2 digital books and dog food for the dogs. I am a little overwhelmed with how much I actually did spend.

When I added up what I spent (including tax), I could have skipped the whole Prime Day thing and went a different route. I could have scoured Amazon and gotten an Amouage and still have spent less money or found one of Andy Tauer's perfumes and spent less. At this point, I am thinking that I might keep Amazon Prime in spite of the price hike but if they hike it up any more, I will probably drop it.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Just Some General Stuff

I don't have much to yap about perfume right now except a random thought. I spent most of the morning in Mitsouko. Mitsouko is something that I don't wear often even though I have 3 bottles of the current version and 6 of the vintage. The random thought that I had in my head was Mitsouko is 99 years old this year and I wonder if and how Guerlain is going to commemorate that fact. It's not every day that a perfume turns 100 years old. Way back when, Mitsouko did have some sort of flanker something with the word lotus in it but it didn't last to long. I hope that if a flanker is done, it won't be wildly expensive and too much of a departure from the original.

I'm not a fan of a lot of shopping, especially grocery and shoe shopping. But I am a little annoyed with my local grocery store. Okay, more than a little annoyed. I am not a coffee drinker at all, I hate coffee and coffee hates me. The tea I drink is the Tazo chai latte concentrate. Ever since the 4th, the regular latte has not been restocked. At first, I was getting the organic, which doesn't taste the same and a little too spicy. Now, it's the "skinny" latte which I don't like period. It's tasteless. It's always been the hope that when I do stop in, they will have it. Every single time, they don't. I don't have the time nor willing to waste money on gas to go out of my way to go to Walmart to get it. So I had to order it last night off of Amazon and it will be shipped to my house. I think that if I don't find it today, I will mention it and state how unhappy I am with the stocking of item.

Today, it's about 6 hours before Amazon Prime Day and I am eagerly awaiting to see what deals are to be had. Primarily on the Kindle Fires but I am really interested in the Fire 10. I love the Fire 10 that I've got but it's dying and I'd rather replace it now, especially if the deal is going to be pretty good. I could go with a different tablet but I want to watch the movies the I have purchased off of Amazon and I just prefer the Kindles.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Review

Over the years, I've heard a lot about Jo Malone and the perfumes. I have always kept meaning to try one of her perfumes since what ever was in the line up didn't really excite me. I had figured that I would try at least one. After thumbing through the unworn pile, I found the only Jo Malone that exists in the pile. It was English Pear and Freesia with only one and a half wearings, so I had to wear it before the decant entirely evaporated. Unfortunately, this review with be short and disjointed due to the fact that I don't have anymore to test on skin or paper, so I'm going off on what I remember.

First blast was the freesia and maybe some hints of pear. I was intrigued with the pear and wished it was a little more dominant because the freesia was a little too aquatic for my liking. After spending a couple more hours wearing English Pear and Freesia, the patchouli and musk came out. The musk was one of those clean musks. I don't have a problem with musk in general, but the musk kind of bugged me with the way it played with the patchouli. I'm not a fan of patchouli, there is something about it that just bugs me. The patchouli stood out and just didn't go with the rest of the composition. But before the musk and patchouli, I kept thinking about what English Pear and Freesia smelled like and what it reminded me of and then I figured out what. Amouage Reflection for women. For a while, I tried to like both but failed. Aquatic, weak and generally annoying to me. So after spending 6 hours wearing on one day of testing and four hours of testing, this isn't for me, even though the lasting power is impressive for an EDC.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Amouage Honour Extrait and Amazon Prime Day

As an Amazon Prime member, there is a thing called Prime Day. It's kind of like the Black Friday of the summer and I had forgotten about it until I had received an e-mail about it. I've always loved the 2 day shipping, the Prime videos and music which has saved me tons. Now since Prime Day begins on July 16th at 3pm, I'm looking at a few things. My Kindle Fire is starting to not hold a charge and randomly shutting off and it's out of warranty. I'm hoping for an extremely good deal on a Kindle Fire and maybe getting one for my dad for his birthday. But we must see.

Since it's been really hot out and my eczema giving me grief, I'm a little limited on what I can wear. I was digging through my dabber decants because most of those are extraits and I had pulled out Honour. I remembered that I liked Honour and it was probably the last Amouage that I had enjoyed. I remembered that it was a watery gardenia thing so the extrait refreshed my memory.

I had mostly remembered the structure of Honour but not really much else. I was hit with a huge watery tuberose. Tuberose and I don't get along, period. I smelled a little bit of jasmine and that was once in a while but the tuberose just hung around and smothered everything except the calone. I have noticed that I'm not much of a fan of calone. Calone seems to make perfumes lousy and weak. I can't really comment on lasting power because of this fucking heat and humidity and there is no projection, probably due to the fact that I had a dabber sample. So a bottle isn't going to be in my collection

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tauerville Rose Flash Review

I've blogged quite a bit about Andy Tauer's work and how much of a fan girl I am. I might not have liked a few of his offerings but I have liked or loved most of what he has made.

Yesterday, I've done something kind of bad. You see, Luckyscent e-mailed me a coupon for 15% off a purchase. Luckyscent doesn't really hand out coupons for most everything in their store. So naturally, I take advantage and buy Incense Flashed, without smelling it first. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have done that but I've had some luck with blind buys with Andy Tauer's work. Then I was reminded that I have Rose Flash and needed to try it.

Rose Flash is definitely a rose dominant perfume. A huge, jammy rose. I can try to compare this to Nahema but I cannot begin to try. After about 10 or 15 minutes in, Rose Flash begins to become a green rose. The green aspect isn't huge but it is noticeable. The green compliments the rose, it's the stem of the rose but without the thorns. A half an hour in, I did notice that I did smell some amber that lends some depth to the composition. What I did notice is that I didn't smell the Tauer base that is always prominent in the Tauer perfumes. I had gotten 7 hours of wear but I don't think that a bottle will be in my collection. Rose Flash just didn't do it for me.