Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Wearing Old Favorites


Vacation has been over for a few days and have to wait a few more weeks before I take my last vacation of the year. I didn't finish any decants, let alone bottles and sure as hell didn't try anything new. That half candle that I started on Sunday has decided to be an ass and the lid to the stupid thing won't come off. So right now it's in purgatory and I started a new candle. Thus far only $30 has been set aside for the Candle Day sale but probably will end up saving more closer to December 5th. That gives me time to use up some candles but when the sale comes, I will not go hog wild, just don't want to be overrun with candles again.

But I rediscovered no 5 Eau Premiere and have been wearing it at some point in the day for the past couple days. I had bought a 2.5 ounce bottle when Eau Premiere came out when I didn't fully understand the original no 5 but kind of liked it.

I love Chanel no 5 and love all of the formulations. Well, except no 5 L'Eau. L'Eau doesn't really smell similar to no 5, it's more of a third cousin once removed. Yeah, L'Eau has no real resemblance to Eau Premiere; let alone no 5. Eau Premiere is more of the younger sister or maybe first cousin at the very outside to no 5. I have forgotten how good Eau Premiere smells but I have no idea how the current version of Eau Premiere smells, Hopefully, sometime soon, I will get to a department store to get a whiff and maybe score a sample to see how it smells. I am hoping that I will start wearing more old favorites in the coming days or weeks.

Friday, September 18, 2020

It's Fall Again


Fall is pretty much here in Ohio, or at least starting up. Cooler temps, it's getting darker, earlier and I am starting to break out the cold weather clothes. And the heavy hitters in terms of perfume. 

Since I have been on vacation, I have finished 2 candles and about half way on my 3rd candle and by either tomorrow or Sunday at the very outside, I will be finishing that candle. I am just wanting to get as many as I can used up. When I was looking at the burn time for the Bath and Body Works single wick and 3 wick candles, the burn time is pretty much the same. So I am probably going to start favoring the single wick candles. But I still need to work on trying to use up the 3 wick candles and try not to go hog wild on Candle Day.

I've been keeping a casual eye on what's happening in the political arena. I know I might mention something in passing but don't get into depth with this. I'm not like many in my family who are pretty much watching the news 24/7 right now because of politics. I am not keeping the closest eye because it's gotten much too polarized and I refuse to engage and I refuse to get all worked up over something that I can't control outside of casting my ballot. I was surprised when I read a few minutes ago the Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. A woman who fought for women and the disabled like me. Justice Ginsberg took a real beating with her many battles with cancer and still fought on, trying to protect rights and not have them restricted.

I am also keeping an eye on the battle over the 2nd stimulus bill. I am not really expecting any monies to hit my bank account like the first one but I do hope that some ends up in my bank account. If a 2nd stimulus bill passes and cash gets deposited I hope to pay off a credit card or two and get that bottle of Coromandel. But I am not going to hold my breath at this point. This stupid thing has been going on since what, May? Let's get going on this nonsence and just pass, preferably with actual cash going to the American people so they can pay for a roof over their heads or get some groceries.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Trying to Create More Space

 I have made some marginal progress in creating more space. Today, I am going to be finishing a 3 wick candle then start a single wick candle. It fills me up with joy when I do finish a candle because it creates a little more space. The candles that I am going to be focusing on a little more is the straight up apple candles. Why? Because that seems to be the bulk of my collection and I don't think that I really need to have that many. I did the math and Honeycrisp/Heirloom/Farmstand Apple take up around 40% of my collection and that is pretty sad. 

Bath and Body Works emailed my to let me know that they are doing a BOGO on their 3 wick candles. When I did the math, it was not better than the deal that they had, what a month ago? I am waiting for the Candle Day sale to snap up the Frozen Lake, Winter and Evergreen candles. Some of them will be for Christmas gifts. So at this point, I am saving up some cash to get some gift cards for that. Then I know some cash has really been set aside for that. So I am sitting this sale out and besides, I am not a big pumpkin fan to begin with. What I dislike about fall is everyone seems to lose their mind over pumpkin spice or anything related to pumpkin. As much as I love apple stuff, even that can get aggrivating after a while.

I am on vacation this week and I am overjoyed to be able to wear whichever perfume I want and hopefully finish off a mini or two, or maybe a full bottle or start to review some stuff. But I am expecting some storms tonight and tomorrow and hoping the power doesn't go out. If it does, I will probably have two candles going and probably have two more candles out of the way.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Andy Tauer L'Air des Alpes Suisses EDP Review

It looks like Andy Tauer might have discontinued another one. This time in the form of Une Rose Chypree. I'm not really convinced that he discontinued both Une Rose Chypree or Une Rose Vermeille. Partly because of Covid-19 and it's making shipping a real bear to deal with. I hope that he really hasn't and maybe someone out there has the straight answer. But finally I get motivated enough to actually review a perfume. Part of the reason is that the decant I had had only one or two measly wearings before it was all gone. I think that either STC or TPC changed their decants and evaporation is a bigger problem now.

L'Air des Alpes Suisses is definitely a Tauer perfume because of the Tauer base. Hints of pine, lavander and a whisper of ambergris but it's not a heavy perfume. Nor is it in the likes of the generic colognes that I have smelled a million times before. For a while, I couldn't put my finger on why it smelled so familiar. It's similar to Les Annees 25 (not the BIS version). Pine isn't a not that's used too often in perfumery. If it ever is, pine takes on that pine car freshener or Pine-Sol. I really do enjoy L'Air des Alpes Suisses and not because it is from Andy Tauer and I am a fangirl of his work; I just enjoy this one. The lasting power on my skin is about 6 hours. For me, this would be great on hot and humid days or just plain, old humid days. Suisses is definitely full bottle worthy to me.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Wait, What?

 Every so often, I poke around Luckyscent for no reason. Rarely do I buy things from Luckyscent. I find that in so many ways, they are just too expensive in my eyes. I can get my Amouage fix by hoping over to BeautyEncounter or Fragrancenet to pick up a bottle for at least half off most of the time. At this point, I'm good on Amouage. I can hop on over to Andy Tauer's website and pick up a bottle and it works out a few dollars cheaper even though shipping to the US is a shade over $20 but if I save $10-$15 and the bottle gets to me within a week, cool beans. But now it's looking like Une Rose Vermeille has been discontinued according to Luckyscent.

I might have 2 bottles and most would think that would be enough for one perfume. But since I am a Tauer fangirl and I find that he is discontinuing an offering that I really enjoy, I want to stock up even more. I didn't find out that Noontide Petals was discontinued until I really had to hunt down a bottle. Eventually, I did manage to get that backup bottle. I am hopping that in the next couple months I can scrape up enough cash and get another backup bottle, even though it might mean that I put Coromandel on the back burner. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Fingers crossed.

I might not wear Une Rose Vermeille but when I do wear it, I really do enjoy it. I think the reason that I don't wear it a whole lot is because it really lasts on skin. My skin is incredibly dry and if this is lasting through 2 showers, that says something.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Youtube and Stuff

 I can't seem to come up with anything really to write about. Yes, I can start busting things out to wear and review but it doesn't seem to pan out. I have this massive pile to test out but what holds me back is the fact that I don't want nor need to add to the list of what I want to get next on the full bottle list. You know the whole limited means type of shit. I want to score that bottle of Coromadel sometime this year. At this point, I do want to spend some time with the full bottles that I already own any start to really use some of them up.

But since I am talking about Chanel, I noticed on Ulta, that for the briefest moment they were selling Chanel through their website. It seemed like for a week or two and then they were not selling Chanel offerings on their website. Ulta does sell Chanel perfume of their website but never had it sold through their website. The whole thing made me do a double take because Sephora does sell Chanel on their website.

For the past few weeks, I have spent way too much time on YouTube. It started with watching some random videos but somehow turned into specific things. I started watching Ask a Mortician, Chinese ear cleaning, various types of massage but I really started watching English Heritage. Specifically the Victorian Way (English Heritage). So many of the of the things that they make seem to either be loaded with sugar and if it isn't, it's loaded with brandy. The one with the title of "Soup for the Poor" is just a way for making freaking split pea soup. Another one was what looked like a fancy applesauce mold with custard around the base. I think that I might have to find different channels to watch.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Cleaning, Cleaning and More Cleaning

 Recently, my cleaning habits have changed. The sorting through stuff has mostly stayed the same. I do through bits at a time. I have been trying to use things up or if it's not going to be used and can't be donated, throw it out. Why hang on to things that you aren't going to use either ever or ever again? I've started to do more little projects.

Last night, I was really motivated to dust my bedroom. I don't know how or why my bedroom gets so dusty but it just does. I was sick and tired of the bottles of perfume on my dresser being on the dusty side. I was tired of the tops of my candle lids collecting dust. But the dusting gave me the chance to organize the candles and the perfume bottles and now there is more space. Well, temporarily more space.

Bath and Body Works had a decent run on the 3 wick candles and then a day or two later, really good deal on the single wick candles. So, I made progress on using some candles but then turned around and bought more. I am pretty much in the same place I started with trying to use up some candles. I managed to finish one candle last night but haven't started a new candle. I am trying to figure out which candle to use this time.

I've noticed that if there is a sale with Bath and Body Works (a really good one), if shopping online, grab it early and don't go back and forth if you should get it. It seems like Bath and Body Works either limits stock for their website. I've gone on their website after a sale has ended and the item is in stock, albeit full price. I did stock up on my fall seasonal favorites but after this, I am going to wait until Candle Day and even if I have to sit on my hands and start burning two candles at a time.