Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chanel no 5 Velvet Body Cream Review

I've said a few times that I have really dry, sensitive skin and it take forever to find something that works body wash and lotion for me. A couple months ago, my mother who does like to wear no 5 from time to time, got a gift set of no 5 and randomly gave me the body cream stuff. Well, I didn't intend to review it but a few things need to be said about it.

Way back when, before I was a perfume nut that I am now and still was wearing only Clinique Happy and Estee Lauder Pleasures, I had tried the no 5 hand lotion tester at a local department store. I recoiled at the smell of the hand lotion and couldn't wash it off fast enough. For a while, I had never gotten around to testing the actual parfum, EDP, or EDT until 3 or 4 years ago and figured out what people were talking about.

Now that I've spent all day, yesterday, out and about with wearing the body cream and not having a back up to wear, I've come to the conclusion that Chanel bath and body products and I don't get along at all. The no 5 body cream doesn't really smell like the no 5 that I am familiar with. Here and there, I get whiffs of maybe it is no 5 but not often. I didn't layer the body cream with even the EDT because the body lotion is very strong and layering would have made it suffocating. I guess I will be sticking to just no 5 in either the EDP or EDT form and not use the body products since they do smell a little on the sour side to me.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hermes Hiris EDT Review

For the past couple weeks, I've been testing out my now almost empty decant of Hermes Hiris. Ever since I read The Guide's review on Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, I was pretty wary of wearing any iris dominant perfume. My train of thinking was why would anybody want to smell like a dirty carrot and I could go to my kitchen, cut up a carrot and save myself some money. But after smelling Iris Silver Mist and no 19 in extract form, I do like iris as a dominant note, especially when it is hissy and carroty.

Hiris starts out as carroty and hissy to the point of being harsh. After about 10 or 15 minutes the harsh aspect dies down and the carroty aspect dies down a little bit. Then the other flowers come out to play and the whole composition does sing and I do love Hiris and Hermes take on iris. But in the extreme dry down, I somehow get liquid Dial soap. The Dial soap that's orange colored. Now, I love the smell of the orange colored Dial soap but not when it's the extreme dry down of a perfume. What holds me back on even considering getting a full bottle is that I only get an hour or two of wear time. So no, I can't get a bottle of perfume that doesn't last on me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer, No Wear, Multiple Wear

So far this summer, I've come to discover the joy of wearing multiple perfumes through out the day. It used to be I only wore one perfume a day no matter what the season but now that's changed. Since summer hit and my perfumes (except for Amouage) fade a little faster, I've been wearing at least two different perfumes at some point during my day. In the morning, I could be wearing no 19 and in the evening, I could be wearing Jicky. Now, if I could remember to reach in that unworn and reviewed bag to wear new things.

Now the insanity from the 4th of July weekend is over, I can reflect on my perfume habits that come from a holiday. The day before the 4th, I entirely forgot to wear perfume that day and I had a decant of no 22 in my purse. Then on the 4th, I went to an ox roast/festival thing sporting vintage Bal in EDP form. I don't know what it is, but I adore wearing vintage Bal to festivals. Then it became Theorema and Shalimar later on. Right now, I don't have the heart to open my vintage, sealed Shalimar from the '60's. But starting to use the already opened vintage versions of Shalimar and adore them. The animalic growl is a little stronger than the current formula.