Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chanel no 5 Velvet Body Cream Review

I've said a few times that I have really dry, sensitive skin and it take forever to find something that works body wash and lotion for me. A couple months ago, my mother who does like to wear no 5 from time to time, got a gift set of no 5 and randomly gave me the body cream stuff. Well, I didn't intend to review it but a few things need to be said about it.

Way back when, before I was a perfume nut that I am now and still was wearing only Clinique Happy and Estee Lauder Pleasures, I had tried the no 5 hand lotion tester at a local department store. I recoiled at the smell of the hand lotion and couldn't wash it off fast enough. For a while, I had never gotten around to testing the actual parfum, EDP, or EDT until 3 or 4 years ago and figured out what people were talking about.

Now that I've spent all day, yesterday, out and about with wearing the body cream and not having a back up to wear, I've come to the conclusion that Chanel bath and body products and I don't get along at all. The no 5 body cream doesn't really smell like the no 5 that I am familiar with. Here and there, I get whiffs of maybe it is no 5 but not often. I didn't layer the body cream with even the EDT because the body lotion is very strong and layering would have made it suffocating. I guess I will be sticking to just no 5 in either the EDP or EDT form and not use the body products since they do smell a little on the sour side to me.

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