Saturday, October 25, 2014

Traveling and Fall

The date of leaving for my trip is approaching and I am no closer to picking out a vactation scent or two. Should I stick with just bringing Jicky and Theorema and just be done with it or go for Shalimar and call it a day? I doubt that I will be doing any kind of sniffage while in Virginia so I probably won't be adding anything new to my collection. But at this point, not adding anything new to my perfume collection can be a blessing since I have about 30-40 bottles and about 100 decants of various sizes running around.

In a sence, I do fear packing. I'm always afraid of not packing enough clean underwear for some reason and cannot fathom why. It's not due to being in some sort of accident. This just isn't logical in my book.

Fall has brought not only the transitional and heavy hitter perfumes but also the long sleeves. Which means that naturally perfumes is going to be more of on my shirt sleeves than anything else. So even more care is taken when I am picking out a perfume. I'm not stuck with a perfume for just one day, I can be stuck with one perfume for 3 or 4 days.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Serge Lutens Bois et Musc

Slowly but surly, I am working my way through reviewing my pile of perfumes needing to be reviewed. And most of that pile seems to be a sampler set of some kind. And I landed on Bois et Musc for review.

I do have a somewhat troubled history with the Serge Lutens line for a few reasons. One is the import/export thing and that most of his offerings are one extreme or the other. Or most of the offerings are a variation of something he has already done before. I have managed to smell a few that I did fall head over heels in love with (Sarrasins, A la Nuit, De Profundis just to name a few).

After my morning/afternoon wearing of vintage Mitsouko wore off, I put on Bois et Musc. I knew upon first application that this was a variation of Feminite du Bois. Variation, I mean that it smells kind of like a stripped down version of Feminite du Bois. But Feminite du Bois is the basis for most of Serge Lutens' creations. Since I already have Feminite du Bois, I see no need to own Bois et Musc. But lasting power is about the same as most of what I have tried with the Serge Lutens line.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Perfume is Getting Really Crude

I ought to be reviewing either Hedonist or Une Rose Chypree but I just can't review any perfume right now until I get this off my chest. I'm not liking a lot of perfumes right now. After floating around people, I am convinced that nobody is really not paying attention to perfume. Or many people are too lazy too seek out what actually smells good.

But the current state of perfume isn't exactly helping matters either. Think of all the perfumes that are released every month. Most do smell crude, rushed or just plain bad and it seems like half of them is something I've already smelled about 1,000 times before. So it seems like there are going to be no new perfumes on their way to becoming possible classics like Chanel no 5. Offerings for men have really gone down as well. The same old boring citrus, god awful musk and aquatics have left men smelling really bad. Bad as in that you can spend $500 on an outfit but bad perfume and make up (women) can destroy the whole look.