Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Annick Goutal Songes EDT Review

For once, I actually wanted and did pick something out of my unworn bag and wore it. The first perfume that I picked out turned out to be Songes by Annick Goutal in the EDT form. I have heard quite a bit about this one and seems to be well loved in the perfume community.

After all that I have read about this one and how so many said it was jasmine heavy along with lots of plumeria, I am not getting a whole lot of jasmine at all. I'm getting a butt load of tuberose and tuberose isn't listed on the official notes. The tuberose isn't as loud as Fracas but it's very dominant to me. I'm one of those that isn't afraid to admit to the fact that I do like big white floral but I really don't like tuberose at all. I don't hate tuberose but it's pretty close but I adore jasmine, the more indolic, the better. I do get some plumeria but not a whole lot. The lasting power is about 5 hours on my skin and it's a very long 5 hours. I was hoping that it would morph into something that I could get past the tuberose opening but it didn't happen. So yes, I don't like it. Turns out, I do like plumeria in perfume, I still don't like tuberose and my Amex is happy about not getting a bottle of Songes.