Wednesday, April 30, 2014

General Stuff

At this point, I'm none to thrilled with trying to deal without a microwave. Yes, I know that it can be done but when it's busted and can't be fixed there are a lot of things that one must plan out meal wise long before. My microwave was less than a year old and was destroyed by my elderly grandmother. I do suspect that she is in the early stages of dementia but her problems of not being willing to pay attention to what she is doing dates back about 25 years. My grandmother was yapping on about how much she doesn't like Dunkin' Donuts coffee while chugging a huge cup of it that she got there that morning, wanted it reheated and she destroys it by interrogating me about what I'm doing (doing dishes). Naturally, she presses a lot off buttons to heat it without looking and the stupid thing is locked. I looked it up online on how to fix it and it can't be fixed and the warranty is voided because of her. I shouldn't be complaining but since she has already destroyed two of my cellphones and a laptop, replacing this kind of stuff gets expensive when there is no remorse of offer to help cover the cost to replace it. I tremble to ask about what it cost for my aunt to replace a brand new oven because she totally destroyed it.

At this point, I'm trying to figure out if I should just bite the bullet and finish my midget decant of Mitsouko EDT. I have a larger decant of vintage Mitsouko but I do have the tendancy to hoard my vintage perfumes. Or just go with wearing my current formulation of Mitsouko EDP. It's not too funny after a while when I got this huge collection of perfume and trying to figure out what I am going to wear. Now, Shalimar Ode a la Vanille has entered the picture. I'm thinking of wearing it just to see what the fuss is about this flanker.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sometimes I am

Sometimes, I am a bottle slut even though I am mostly not. But what did catch my interest, is in buying a couple full bottles and an e-mail from Chanel, is changing bottle designs. The Chanel bit was the only one that kind of did rile me due to marketing.

Let's take Chanel no. 5, the larger sized (1.7 and 3.4 ounce) EDP versions and the parfum version has the classic Chanel design bottle wise while the no. 5 EDT and most Chanel EDT versions don't come in the classic bottle. But the Chanel Eau Premiere bottle was somewhat of a cross between the EDT bottles and the EDP bottle. I was okay with that because Eau Premiere did mostly smell like no. 5 but I considered it something different and did warrant something a little different. But I signed up for news letters from Chanel and was mainly getting a lot of emails about Coco Mademoiselle and all of the Chance flankers, I never much paid attention because I'm not really interested in Mademoiselle of the Chance flankers. But now, Eau Premiere is now packaged in the classic Chanel bottle and I am not impressed. But I am thinking that the younger crowd did want the classic bottle and maybe the 5 ounce bottle was a little over the top. After owning 2 of the huge 6.5 Les Exclusifs line, I can relate and wished that Chanel offered the 2.5 ounce bottles of the Les Exclusifs line much earlier. But still, it annoys me and for no real reason that I can fathom.

But I did like how Andy Tauer seemed to revamp his bottle design after just getting Une Rose Chypree. The wooden cap to his line was a kind of a bad fit for his sprayers because they never did stay all that well and they seemed to absorb every other scent imaginable. But when getting Une Rose Chypree, I expected it to look exactly like Une Rose Vermeille because it looked like it when I bought it off of Luckyscent. I was in for a pleasant surprise when the bottle color was brown, plastic cap and the fact that it didn't have the glass beads. Which was cool in away but I'm one of those who if it's a 50 ml bottle, I want the most perfume available and not have something that isn't much more than a filler no matter how cool it looks.

For a long while, I was flirting with Viktoria Minya's Hedonist just because it has many of the notes that I do love in a perfume but wasn't so thrilled with the price since the bottle was filled with crystals and dropped from 50ml to 45ml of perfume. But I did get it and the presentation from the box to the perfume is phenominal and it's like buying a full bottle of Amouge in many ways just by looks alone. I figured that this is Minya's first perfume, presentation probably means quite a bit and just by taking off the cap and getting a whiff, it smells like it's a little more worth the price point.

But at the end of the day, with my perfume collection, buying huge bottles is not my style anymore. If I were looking to be loyal to just one or two perfumes, a larger bottle would be worth it but since I have about 30-50 bull bottles of perfume, it's less is more. And niche perfumes are a little more difficult to obtain and I am kind of forced to do more online shopping than I would really like but I do love the thrill of knowing that a package is arriving at my doorstep on a certain day, it's like Christmas.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

One of Those

Did you ever go through your decant collection to find multiple decants of the same perfume? It maybe one of those that you got way back when and tried once, maybe got it when you were starting out with perfumes. Then comes the wanting to use up decants and then you find way too many multiples. It can be a little funny to find that I've got 2 decants or more of certain things. But when I take into account that some of them are vintage or can't get them here in the US, it's not too bad.

After rooting around my decant pile, I found, not one but two fairly large Muscs Koublai Khan decants. MKK is one of those polarizing perfumes that I can never make up my mind about and I'm one of those who loves skank in perfume. On one hand, I do love it but the people in my house hate it because it smells like I've been sleeping around all weekend and never bothered to shower. All I'm getting is clean skin that's been warmed by the sun and some clean sweat. And due to the fact that maybe they are smelling something, I am not, I really can't make a fair judgement on it. So, I don't wear it or when I do remember to wear it, I make sure that I'm alone in the house and not going anywhere.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Neverending Collection

As cumbersome as my collection of perfume might be, it never seems to be quite complete. There is always something new to smell. I'm using the term 'new' kind of loosely. There are perfumes that have been floating around perfume land for a few years that are new to me or the latest release that I've gotten a hold of. I'm always looking for a new love and vintage versions of some of my favorites. But I kind of made a vow to try not to get any more bottles until I use up more of my decants and try and finish off a full bottle or two.

What did inspire me to kind of write this was Perfume Posse's "You Know You're a Perfumista if..." post and it got me to thinking of a few things with my collection. Yes, I do need that half full back up bottle of Deneuve because they don't make those kinds of perfume so much anymore and it's a discontinued perfume. Besides, it's a shining example of what a celebrity scent should be like. Yeah, I do need the vintage tear drop versions of Shalimar. Hey, past generations of Shalimar had a different yet distinct animalic growl than the current version. But even the newest version of Shalimar is still pretty close to the vintage versions but there isn't much of an growl to it anymore.

Sometimes, I like having various concentrations of the same perfume. Take Chanel no. 19 for example. The EDT is a very butch leather/ iris type and not exactly my thing since I like my leather to be plush. Extrait is more of a plush iris and toned down leather and more of my thing even though I do like my iris to be hissy and carroty. The EDP really rocks my socks though. It was a bitey galbamnum with a bright rose.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Cumbersome Collection Thoughts

I was going to review Andy Tauer's Noontide Petals today but right now, I can't. I think it needs more time on skin before I can review it.

But after spending the better part of an hour trying to pick out a perfume yesterday, something came across my mind. If I could redo my perfume journey, what would I redo? First, I wouldn't have changed my first perfume nor the size of Cuir de Russie (Chanel) that had me fall down the rabbit hole. Instead of getting Chanel's Gardenia, I would have gotten no. 22 and maybe have skipped Chanel Sycomore entirely. Also, I would have gotten into decants much sooner than I did, not wait a couple years and might have saved me some money. And some space.

At this point, trying to finish a bottle of anything is tough when you have a large collection of perfume.I'm mainly trying to finish off one of my bottles of no. 5 because I really don't need that many back up bottles of it. I really don't. With no. 5, I love it but it's not the head over heals love that I was hoping for. My back up bottles of no. 5 was partially fear of reformulation and the EDP version on the website had said limited edition.