Sunday, April 20, 2014

One of Those

Did you ever go through your decant collection to find multiple decants of the same perfume? It maybe one of those that you got way back when and tried once, maybe got it when you were starting out with perfumes. Then comes the wanting to use up decants and then you find way too many multiples. It can be a little funny to find that I've got 2 decants or more of certain things. But when I take into account that some of them are vintage or can't get them here in the US, it's not too bad.

After rooting around my decant pile, I found, not one but two fairly large Muscs Koublai Khan decants. MKK is one of those polarizing perfumes that I can never make up my mind about and I'm one of those who loves skank in perfume. On one hand, I do love it but the people in my house hate it because it smells like I've been sleeping around all weekend and never bothered to shower. All I'm getting is clean skin that's been warmed by the sun and some clean sweat. And due to the fact that maybe they are smelling something, I am not, I really can't make a fair judgement on it. So, I don't wear it or when I do remember to wear it, I make sure that I'm alone in the house and not going anywhere.

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