Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vintage Givenchy III Review

I always keep forgetting that chypres seem to do best in cool or cold weather. They can be horribly moody or downright nasty in warm weather. On Friday, I was wearing Mitsouko in a store that was overheated and Mistouko was just vicious to me and when I had gone outside, she was singing my praises. Even though Chanel no 19 (EDP) likes warm/hot weather, she really blooms in cooler weather.

But this leads me to vintage Givenchy III. I have a tiny spray decant that I had tested out but I am not sure if this is an EDT or an EDP version. But after wearing it last night, I can defiantly identify this as a chypre. My nose says that this is a cross of Mitsouko and Chanel no 19. But III leans more to Mitsouko. The galbanum and rose lends to the no 19 association but the rose in Mitsouko. I do smell aldehydes in III which does seperate III from Mitsouko. If it were not for the aldehydes and galbanum, I probably would have taken III for Mitsouko. But I really do like III and ordered a large decant.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Starting New

It's not winter to me until I see snow on the ground and winter has hit Cleveland. But I have noticed that I'm not one that indulges in nail polish or matching bath and body products often. When you work in food service, nail polish on fingers is a no go but I do polish my toe nails from time to time. But now is the time of year where I do my toes quite often. I think now is the time to start back up with doing my toe nails again.

I have tried many brands of nail polish but have found that OPI seems to be the best of the bunch. The quality, even though it seems to have gone down a little bit, is great. I have about 3 or 4 days of wear before there is chipping. I'm sure if I had my fake nails again, the lasting power would be at least two weeks. What gets me about OPI is that it seems like every week there is some sort of new collection of colors out. And there comes a certain point to where I have to say no. The Russian and German collection are enough for me. It seems like they have so many cute, clever or funny names for nail polishes and not enough colors in the world to match them with.

But body products are even harder for me to buy, let alone use. Before I had a million bottles of perfume, I had maybe one or two full bottles of actual perfume but was big into Bath and Body Works. Now, I have to think about if I really love a perfume to see if there are any matching body products. Dia and Lyric are the only two perfumes that I own that have the matching bath and body products. And I haven't used them yet. It just seems like a huge commitment to start using bath and body products because somehow I have to actually finish the whole shower gel and lotion in a month or two and I am pretty fickle when it comes to perfume. It is hard for me to really want to wear a perfume for more than a day or two at a time but layering a perfume with matching body products is probably overkill.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Back

Well, I am back from my vacation and it's time that I start blogging again. While on vacation, I didn't get one chance to do any kind of sniffing at any store, nor go to a flea market to look for any vintage bottles of any thing. So I was surviving on no. 19 edp and a decant of Iris Silver Mist. I kind of forgot and decided not to take Theorema with me. I didn't take Theorema with me because I was really craving no. 19 and Silver Iris Mist. But half way down to Virginia, I realized that all I had for perfume was a bottle of no. 19, Silver Iris Mist and vintage Mitsouko and I had a whole week that I had to live with one bottle and two decants. About half way through my trip, I did tire of iris and wanted my orientals and aldehydes but was stuck with what I had brought with me.

But after having to run to Walmart with my sister and helping her pick out a new nail polish, it hit me that I wanted to start wearing nail polish again to quit biting my nails. And picked up OPI's Do You Lilac It. So I am starting to really get into OPI's German collection from two years ago. But from comparing Do You Lilac It and An Affair in Red Square, it seems like the quality of OPI has gone down a little bit. I could go a week and a half without chipping with the older stuff but only a couple of days with the new stuff. But I love a lot of OPI's names for different colors and a couple of their collections (Russian and German collection).