Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kenzo Flower review

On today's review list is Kenzo's Flower. I have been wearing it for the past couple days and I am not really enjoying it. I can't say I hate it. After reading a lot of rave reviews about it and then trying it, I am a little disapointed by it. The top notes are hawthorn, Bulgarian rose, and black currant, middle note are jasmine, opoponax, parma violet, and more Bulgerian rose. The base notes are listed as white musk and vanilla. I think it is the black currant that is pretty front and center that I am not liking at all. It just lasts like there is no tomorrow. What I am also getting is this Play Dough smell going on with Flower. The sillage is moderate on my skin and logetivity is pretty good. I do give Kenzo kudos for creating an eye catching bottle but a hard to store bottle and prone to be easily tipped. This is probably not something I would buy again when I finish my bottle whenever I do run out of it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Perfume prices

Just like everything else the price of perfume seems to be going up. The perfumes that I love are not expensive to begin with. Niche scents are pricey enough as is but they seem to be going up. I remember back in what was it, when I ordered one of my now go to fragrance (Chanel's Cuir de Russie) it was $200 (USD) for the 6.8 oz bottle. At that time Chanel only offered it as a 6.8 oz bottle. Now it stands at $210when I checked a couple of months ago but that could have changed. I know that Chanel has given consumers the choice of thier Les Exlusifs line of a 2.5 oz or a 6.8 oz. The 2.5 oz is $110. What kind of makes me raise an eyebrow is that the concentration of the perfumes are the eau de toilette version and not eau de parfum. If it were the eau de parfum, I could see some of the reasoning behind the prices. Chanel is probably gunning on thier name and how percieve the Chanel name and product. I am using Chanel as an example.