Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet EDT Review

I have no idea what has happened to me come recently. But it seemed like Le Labo's Aldehyde 44 was a blatant ripoff of Chanel no. 22 and now it's Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet's turn. This is just riling me to no end.

Yes, I refuse to call Miss Dior Cherie by what Dior wants us to call it simply Miss Dior. Nope, Miss Dior came out in the 1947 not this current thing that masquerades around as Miss Dior. When I first applied Blooming, I couldn't help but think that it smelled familiar and couldn't place it. Then 5 minutes in, it hit me and I couldn't decide if it smelled just like Coco Mademoiselle or Badgley Mischka EDP. It leans a little closer to CM and maybe a little fruitier. Even though I did drain a bottle of CM, I didn't care for the fruity patchouli vein and in a lot of ways, I still don't. The biggest problem with Blooming is that it is in EDT form and it only lasts for two hours on skin and a half an hour on clothing. At this point, if this one appeals, go for CM or Badgley Mischka.

Dab, Splash, Spray

Looking at my perfume collection, I did notice that most of my collection is in spray bottle form and not a splash bottle. And it got me to thinking of what I do prefer in a perfume bottle and in decant form. From what I have seen is that splash bottles are not really all that common. So most of my splash or dabbing bottles are either vintage perfume or perfumes in extract form. I'm not counting some of those carded samples that I've got because the full bottles of those perfumes come in spray bottles.

As much as I like the whole idea of dabbing and splash bottles, it just doesn't really suit me to dab due to a few things. I will admit that I can be a butter fingers and with how my luck can run, I most likely would uncork or unscrew my splash or dabber bottles and the bottle would either break or spill all over me. Or the very real chance that I would really over apply the perfume. To me, spraying lets me know a lot faster if I over applied.

But what I'm actually jonesing for is the Guerlain extracts in those spray tester bottles and I'm having no real luck to finding a bottle at a reasonable price. Well, when I do come across them, it costs almost as much as the regular retail bottles. The reason why I am looking is because it seems like I have a bigger issue of evaporation with the extract bottles. Yes, I can decant it but I haven't mustered up the courage to do it yet.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Diorissimo EDP review

Quite a while back, I had reviewed my decant of Diorissimo EDT and remembered enjoying it while deploring the length of time that it lasted on skin. Diorissimo in EDT seemed to last about 4 hours on my skin and I kind of like not to reapply throughout the day.

For a while, I did pretty much forget about Diorissimo until I came across my small decant of it and wore it for 3 days until I emptied the thing. Then it did become love and I couldn't exactly justify getting any sized bottle of the EDT form. Not really thinking that the EDP would be any different than the EDT, I had bought a bottle. Boy, was I wrong about the EDT and EDP being different.

Both variations smell like Diorissimo but there is a huge difference when the top notes wear off. In the EDT version, it's a green lily of the valley with very little jasmine and musk serving as an anchor. But the EDP version from the get go is jasmine. Not any kind of jasmine but a whopping dose of indolic jasmine. I love jasmine and the more indolic the better. The indolic jasmine in the EDP version did take me by surprise but somehow it works in the EDP version. After a while the Diorissimo that I've become familiar with in the EDT version comes into play but never quite loses the skanky jasmine. The lily of the valley seems to be a little creamier in the EDP version and I am thinking it is because of the jasmine. I enjoyed the lasting power of this version of Diorissimo and I am hoping that Diorling comes out in EDP form and maybe there isn't such a strong sliced green pepper note in the beginning.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peek a Boo Spring

After a very long winter with nothing but storms and sub zero weather, it looks like spring is trying to get here. For the past week or two it's been a couple flashes of spring then it's the biting cold with maybe a heavy snow. Now we are starting to get temperatures in the 40's on a consistent basis.

Now, I don't know how to perfume myself when it first gets warmer. This winter has been marked by wearing quite a bit of no. 5, Amouage Gold, Epic, and Lyric and not really trying out new stuff. I really want to start wearing Courtesan and no. 19 EDP form but I think that it might still be a little too cold for those to. I think that I'm sick of wearing dense, bombastic scents and want something a little lighter. So even though I'm kind of sick of orientals, I'm thinking either Shalimar or Havana Vanille might do the trick. Both Shalimar and Havana Vanille are orientals that are easy on the nose and don't seem to be loud or dense or maybe Mitsouko even though the Empress is a chypre. Mitsouko can be a great transition scent.

It's somewhat of a good thing that I've kept up with dealing with my using what decants that I already have. I remember wearing and liking Diorissimo and now found the small decant that's been floating around in my make up bag of decants. Trying it now, all I can say is wow and now I want a full bottle of it along with L'Heure Bleue which I've come to love. Now if my bank account would stop trembling at the thought...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reformulations and Skank

As of now, I'm looking to see if I had reviewed the current version of Bal a Versailles and not finding it. I'm sure that I did review it but just not overtly motivated in finding the review.

I absolutely adore vintage BaV in EDP form. I love all of it's skanky goodness but quite a while ago, I had bought a large bottle of BaV in EDT form because I didn't want to drain my 2 vintage decants. BaV (current version) is pretty cheap and easy to find online. Holy crap, the current version of BaV is horrible to the greatest degree and I mean horrible. I almost didn't recognize it because halfway through the dry down is when I did recognize it. And I wondered where the skank was is BaV in the current formulation and then I realized that the skank isn't there. Just wasn't there at all.

I love skank in perfume, I really do. Don't care if it's Sarrasins, BaV, Shalimar Cuir de Russie or MKK, I love having a perfume with an animalic growl to it. But there have been a few that are beyond skank and just flat out raunchy. L'Air de Rein is one that I cannot abide by because it is flat out raunchy and a little worse. To me L'Air smells like wet panties that have been worn for a couple weeks with out having to been washed. For some reason, I find it disgusting.