Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Peek a Boo Spring

After a very long winter with nothing but storms and sub zero weather, it looks like spring is trying to get here. For the past week or two it's been a couple flashes of spring then it's the biting cold with maybe a heavy snow. Now we are starting to get temperatures in the 40's on a consistent basis.

Now, I don't know how to perfume myself when it first gets warmer. This winter has been marked by wearing quite a bit of no. 5, Amouage Gold, Epic, and Lyric and not really trying out new stuff. I really want to start wearing Courtesan and no. 19 EDP form but I think that it might still be a little too cold for those to. I think that I'm sick of wearing dense, bombastic scents and want something a little lighter. So even though I'm kind of sick of orientals, I'm thinking either Shalimar or Havana Vanille might do the trick. Both Shalimar and Havana Vanille are orientals that are easy on the nose and don't seem to be loud or dense or maybe Mitsouko even though the Empress is a chypre. Mitsouko can be a great transition scent.

It's somewhat of a good thing that I've kept up with dealing with my using what decants that I already have. I remember wearing and liking Diorissimo and now found the small decant that's been floating around in my make up bag of decants. Trying it now, all I can say is wow and now I want a full bottle of it along with L'Heure Bleue which I've come to love. Now if my bank account would stop trembling at the thought...

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