Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reformulations and Skank

As of now, I'm looking to see if I had reviewed the current version of Bal a Versailles and not finding it. I'm sure that I did review it but just not overtly motivated in finding the review.

I absolutely adore vintage BaV in EDP form. I love all of it's skanky goodness but quite a while ago, I had bought a large bottle of BaV in EDT form because I didn't want to drain my 2 vintage decants. BaV (current version) is pretty cheap and easy to find online. Holy crap, the current version of BaV is horrible to the greatest degree and I mean horrible. I almost didn't recognize it because halfway through the dry down is when I did recognize it. And I wondered where the skank was is BaV in the current formulation and then I realized that the skank isn't there. Just wasn't there at all.

I love skank in perfume, I really do. Don't care if it's Sarrasins, BaV, Shalimar Cuir de Russie or MKK, I love having a perfume with an animalic growl to it. But there have been a few that are beyond skank and just flat out raunchy. L'Air de Rein is one that I cannot abide by because it is flat out raunchy and a little worse. To me L'Air smells like wet panties that have been worn for a couple weeks with out having to been washed. For some reason, I find it disgusting.

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