Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shiseido Murasaki EDP Review

Since I've been somewhat of a hyacinth kick with perfume, I've been getting decants of perfumes with hyacinth. That's when I stumbled upon Shiseido's Murasaki. I've wearing it off and on for the past two weeks. At first, I thought that I had gotten Chanel's no. 19 in EDP form by mistake. I looked at my bottle of Chanel no. 19 and my Murasaki decant and I did put on Murasaki.I find that Murasaki and no. 19 are very similar perfumes. The initial blast of galbanum and flowers comes out really strong. After a couple minutes, I do smell the hyacinth and some gardenia. After an hour or two, Murasaki really starts to fade on skin. Even when I sprayed Murasaki on clothing, after three or four hours, Murasaki peters out into nothingness. On skin or on clothing, Murasaki is a very faint, green perfume. I find it to be something likeable but I do like perfumes with a little more heft in them. Even though Amazon is selling 2.5 oz bottles of this for $50, I cannot justify spending the money to get a full bottle of something that fades in 1 or 2 hours.

Friday, April 20, 2012

More Online Shopping and General Perfume Stuff

I'm still a fan of online shopping even though I haven't had the greatest experience from Amazon. I've blogged about my love for the Tazo chai tea, and ordered some before Easter. When I had noticed that I had not received my package, I checked the wonerful link to check and found out that the package was damaged and could not be delivered. It took days to figure out what exactly happened and what was going to be done. It took me almost a week trying to find out what was going on and get a refund.

As fun as online shopping itself can be, it's the adventure. Even though I know what I bought, I love the waiting for the mail man or the UPS guy to deliver the stuff I ordered. Just this past Monday, I had bought Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain, unsniffed from Luckyscent. I know that I had said in my last post, that I did not think that I would have a perfume budget, but after looking at some things, it turns out that I did have room for perfume.

The real reason I haven't really been reviewing perfume lately is because I haven't been able to quite describe four perfumes and cannot decide if I hate the, love them, or like them. I seem to be going through an odd phase where I seem to dislike a lot of perfumes and some of them are old standbys. I'm wondering if it is the days where it is in the '70's (degrees) and then the next day, it's in the '40's. But it can also be difficult when there is one dog in my house that seems to love licking perfume off my arms.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Crabbiness

It looks like that I am probably not going to have a perfume budget this month. Last September, my family and I had gotten a Lab mix from a rescue. From what is known, he was found in South Carolina wandering the streets. We did get Jake from a foster home using Pilots and Paws. As time went on, a few things developed. There have been times at night, that he has had seizures and then the diagnosis of epilepsy. From what my mother and I think, he did have a family that may have loved him at one point but probably when he started having seizures, they just dumped him. And that has probably led to a separation anxiety where he does tear up the house. It's mainly been paper, phone books, and a few times, the garbage. My mother is pushing for a crate. I'm just wondering if we should really get a crate especially since there are two other dogs in the house. I don't know why I'm so crabby about this. When I do think about it, after poking around for a few moments, dog crates for a dog his size is not cheap and I do have a Rammstein concert that I will be going to in early May.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bal a Versailles Vintage Parfum Review

For the past couple months, I've been enthralled with BaV in EDP form and have been raving about it pretty much nonstop. I was itching to get my hands on a decant of the parfum version of this. The parfum version is a completely different animal compared to the EDP version. I'm aware that the same perfume in different concentrations can be different animals. This is no different. I haven't found a way to write this perfume without making the comparison. BaV in EDP there is an emphasis on the floral notes but in the parfum for, there is no emphasis on the floral note. In the parfum form, all the emphasis is on the patchouli with the periodic whiffs of some floral notes. I am never sure on what to make of patchouli but I do find it to be pleasant. After two days of wear, I'm not smelling anything in BaV (in parfum form) that is going to endear me to it like the EDP version did. The EDP version, there is a huge floral note from the get go and lasts for 10 hours.