Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Crabbiness

It looks like that I am probably not going to have a perfume budget this month. Last September, my family and I had gotten a Lab mix from a rescue. From what is known, he was found in South Carolina wandering the streets. We did get Jake from a foster home using Pilots and Paws. As time went on, a few things developed. There have been times at night, that he has had seizures and then the diagnosis of epilepsy. From what my mother and I think, he did have a family that may have loved him at one point but probably when he started having seizures, they just dumped him. And that has probably led to a separation anxiety where he does tear up the house. It's mainly been paper, phone books, and a few times, the garbage. My mother is pushing for a crate. I'm just wondering if we should really get a crate especially since there are two other dogs in the house. I don't know why I'm so crabby about this. When I do think about it, after poking around for a few moments, dog crates for a dog his size is not cheap and I do have a Rammstein concert that I will be going to in early May.

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