Friday, April 20, 2012

More Online Shopping and General Perfume Stuff

I'm still a fan of online shopping even though I haven't had the greatest experience from Amazon. I've blogged about my love for the Tazo chai tea, and ordered some before Easter. When I had noticed that I had not received my package, I checked the wonerful link to check and found out that the package was damaged and could not be delivered. It took days to figure out what exactly happened and what was going to be done. It took me almost a week trying to find out what was going on and get a refund.

As fun as online shopping itself can be, it's the adventure. Even though I know what I bought, I love the waiting for the mail man or the UPS guy to deliver the stuff I ordered. Just this past Monday, I had bought Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain, unsniffed from Luckyscent. I know that I had said in my last post, that I did not think that I would have a perfume budget, but after looking at some things, it turns out that I did have room for perfume.

The real reason I haven't really been reviewing perfume lately is because I haven't been able to quite describe four perfumes and cannot decide if I hate the, love them, or like them. I seem to be going through an odd phase where I seem to dislike a lot of perfumes and some of them are old standbys. I'm wondering if it is the days where it is in the '70's (degrees) and then the next day, it's in the '40's. But it can also be difficult when there is one dog in my house that seems to love licking perfume off my arms.

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