Tuesday, February 25, 2020


The year 2020 is a difficult year so far with some major financial changes that I hope to resolve in the next couple months. It hasn't been the easiest time for at least 4 months but I am starting to make some big changes and the panic comes and goes.

In years past, I thought of nothing to spend whatever on bottles of Amouage, Chanels, Serge Lutens, vintage perfumes. Those days are loooooong gone. Now it's mainly considered to the occasional decant or two at this point. Last year, I was happy to get that bottle of Ubar and get the Kiehl's Original Musk Blend gut those were rarities and I was a little anxious about spending the money on perfume when I have plenty. I did my taxes and decided to splurge on getting a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle from Sephora. I offset a little bit of the cost because I had gift cards to use. That mini Chanel no 5 travel set was a splurge as well.

I am trying to appreciate what I have and tightening my belt right now. Last year's Ubar was a little bit of a surprise but still worth it due to Fragrancenet having a really good price for a 1.7 ounce bottle. I really don't see Amouage offering 1.7 ounce bottles of Ubar.

Why did I decide on Coco Mademoiselle and not the others that were at the top of my list? I felt like I couldn't quite justify the price of the others at this point in time. I had to set a hard and fast line with myself. Only get the smallest, most affordable bottle that was available and that was the 1.2 ounce of the EDP. I don't know what the intense version smells like, nor the EDT. For those of us who are pretty familiar with Chanel, every concentration smells different. I also did see some people say that the EDT has the tendency to disapear pretty quick, so the EDP it was.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Spring and Sephora

Yes, it's still winter outside and we have a ways to go before spring gets here. But I am ready for spring to get here. I am ready for the temps to warm up and stay warm, I am ready for short sleeved shirts, I am ready to have the ability to go outside to leave the house without a coat and a few other things. After Christmas, I get really tired of winter.

I am currently browsing Sephora and trying to pick out a Chanel. I have enough of no 5 to last for a while and it smells like the EDP has been reformulated. I am not sure if I want to go the original Coco or Coco Mademoiselle and which formulation. I decided to not go down the Andy Tauer route nor spring for the Hedonist travel set. I think that the price tag is part of the reason and I am still not sure about the Hedonist travel set. The original Hedonist, I love, Hedonist Rose is a take it or leave it and I have never tried Hedonist Cassis. Besides, I have two Sephora gift cards to burn and that makes the cost of a Chanel go down a little easier but getting a large bottle is out of the question.

I am currently in the process of doing a load of laundry. I am getting ready to spend the weekend at my aunts place and I do need some clean clothes, especially underwear. What I am really working on is what I am going to take perfume wise. It might be only 3 days but I won't have access to my whole collection. Do I take Shalimar or do I take Ubar? Do I take both? Do I take one and have a decant of no 22 or the full bottle of Hedonist? I am having the hardest time picking out. I have done it once, picked out a perfume and stuck to it for a week.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up in a few days. That means that my e-mail is being bombed with sale ads. Ulta sent me a couple emails about extra points on perfume but I didn't bite and that is just one example and I know it's going to get worse.

I just filed my taxes on Saturday and will be getting a little back and I am thinking about adding a new full bottle to my collection. I am debating between Coromandel, Lonestar Memories and Viktoria Minya's Hedonist travel set. I haven't made up my mind which one I will get, let alone if I should get one. I haven't decided on anything. But it is looking less and less likely that I'm going to spend some cash on Coromandel. The EDP is a little to thin and sheer to be the strongest contender and I don't really think that the EDP is worth $200, $120 at best. I haven't smelled the extrait but I have never been one to justify spending $250. I've pretty much grown out of buying extraits. Extraits are just more money than I care to spend on so little a bottle.

Due to my taxes and Valentine's Day, I was thinking about my collection. Thinking about all the cash I have spent on perfume. I've never added up the totals of what I have spent over the past decade but I know it adds up into the thousands of dollars. Whoever is a perfume fiend and has been at this for a few years knows about what it can cost for a few millileters of scented alcohol. It's a scary thought and scary to see what a few millileters of perfume could cost.

Some niche brands are fairly cheap and easily gotten and others are not so easy to obtain and wildly expensive (I'm looking at you Roja Dove and your bell jars, Serge). I don't have the cash to spend on anything hugely expensive nor the space to do it. If I do get a new perfume in the next few weeks, I wan't something that I am going to, you know, use. But I am liking the fact that a few niche brands are catching on to the whole travel set thing. I think it's to appease us perfume freaks who don't really want full bottles of anything anymore or just maybe something no more than an ounce. Considering what I've spent on niche, backup bottles and vintage, I want some travel sets in my collection.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Things We Carry

I was cleaning out my purse today and getting some stuff ready for an appointment for tomorrow. I carry a smaller purse in hopes that I wouldn't accumulate so much in my purse. But I still accumulate stuff in my purse but my purse fills up faster, making organizing a must every 2 weeks.

It was amazing what I found in my purse. A whole bunch of lip balms, lipsticks and hard candy along with hand lotion and my wallet but not one tiny decant of perfume. I couldn't help but think, how did I accumulate so many lipsticks and lip balms in my purse? Naturally, I had to think about what I really needed to carry in my purse besides my cellphone and wallet. I chose one lip balm, the tube of mascara and one lipstick.The hand lotion was a given but I didn't need a million lip balms and lipsticks in my purse. I picked out two small decants for the road tomorrow, Miss Dior Original and Amouage Beloved for women. I won't be wearing perfume to my appointment tomorrow, I need to focus on other things, not my perfume. When my appointment is finished, I can spray all I want.

I have never been a makeup fiend and don't have a ton of it. I figure that all I really need for my makeup is mascara, lip balm and a lipstick or lip gloss. I leave the eyeshadow and other make up things at home. I don't need an eyeshadow pallet nor do I need a primer or eyeliner. I just don't have the space for that in my purse. If I need to put on makeup in a hurry, the mascara and lipstick will do. I normally carry perfume in my purse about 97% of the time but this recent cleaning didn't turn up and decants in my purse. I did put a few but not many hard candies in my purse.