Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hold On Just One Minute

Quite a while ago, I had bought a bottle of vintage Chanel no 5 in EDC form off of E-bay and finally got around to giving it a go before bed last night. It hasn't gone bad or anything but the bottle smells like the middle part of no 5 in EDP form. I'm not kidding, it really does smell like that. But after reading The Guide by Turin and Sanchez and their take on all the variations on no 5, I have come to the conclusion that they haven't smelled the EDC version of no 5. The reason I say that is because I remember reading Turin saying that the EDP version of no 5 has no buisness in the no 5 universe because it smells like something from the 1980's. I have to disagree with that part because I was a child in the '80's and do remember, especially Obsession, what the '80's scents smell like. I have tried and own the EDP, EDT, and the EDC version of no 5 and I like the EDP version the best out of all that I own. In the beginning of my perfume journey, I did own a small bottle of the parfum version and used it up real quick and I can't remember what it smells like anymore but remember a fourth of an ounce was $95 but now $125. Thirty dollars might not seems like a lot, but it can be huge when one is about to get for a quarter of an ounce of perfume.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still Remodeling and Comparisons

Now I am starting to wonder why I am limiting myself to what I wear. For almost three months, I really have limited myself to maybe the same 4 or 5 perfumes. But it kind of did start out with what is work friendly and wear those to work and on days off, I can wear whatever I damn well want. But then the holidays hit and I just seemed to continue on with wearing the same 4 or 5 perfumes. I doesn't mean that I have drained any bottles but have drained a few decants. I would have preferred to drain a bottle or two but I will take some drained decants. But wearing Theorema at work yesterday made me ask myself, why am I doing this? Is it more than if I have a really bad day at work, I don't want it ruined with an association of a horrible day? Perfume is meant to be enjoyed and worn not hoarded and not really enjoyed.

But since my bathroom is still being remodeled, I have spent time looking at my mother's small perfume collection. It's small to me because I have around 40 perfumes (not including backups) and hers is drastically different than mine. Besides the bottle of Chanel no 5 EDP that she occasionally wears, her collection is either heavy patchouli or some light, aquatic thing. But she does seem to prefer the light, aquatic stuff. Light and aquatic does not suit me and on skin, it's outright nasty in a way because there are just too many offerings just like it. And she finds my collection overwhelming and many of them old lady and weird smelling. But I love my Shalimar and vintage Bal a Versailles and wouldn't change my collection for hers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chanel no 5 EDT Vintage Review

After wearing a lot if no 19 and a couple other things in my collection, I realized on how I kind of was getting bored with wearing no 19 and just wearing the same old thing, I kind of needed a break. When I reached into my unworn/unreviewed bag, I pulled out a vintage decant of no 5 in EDT form and decided to give it a go yesterday, even though it broke my rule of not wearing anything new to work.

When I first put vintage no 5 on, it kind of was that whole funky vintage opening and then after a couple minutes, it became what I recognized as no 5. I kept thinking that I was gypped and wasn't impressed at all. Then I was smelling what I think were the nitro musks and I was head over heels in love with the vintage version. The current version is squeaky clean where the vintage version isn't so squeaky clean. The vintage version isn't outright dirty or skanky but hints around at a dirty side. All day yesterday, I couldn't stop smelling my wrist because it smelled that good. I wish that nitro musks and a whole lot of other things were banned because it is really starting to make modern perfumery a joke.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Remodels and Anxiety

I just love it when there is something in the house that is being remodeled. Right now, bathrooms and the kitchen is being redone. Well, one bathroom is gutted and the construction guys are about to install the bathtub and do the tiles and my kitchen is somewhat functional. Needless to say, it's anxiety inducing because of having people you don't know in your house and wondering if they are judging you about lots of things that I won't even mention. Don't even get me started on my dogs. My dogs are going between excited to anxious then not happy because I have to put them in my bedroom to keep them out of the way. Yes, my house has never been the cleanest because of two dogs but it's even worse with no pantry and construction dust everywhere. And remodeling is expensive so that makes the anxiety much worse. I hope that at the end of this month, this stuff will be done.

After helping out some rearranging and moving the computer room to a guest bedroom because I might get a grandmother staying over for a month because of a knee replacement, I was without a computer and internet for a day and a half. It's amazing because my computer desk breaks and I am lugging an old kitchen table to use as a computer desk, on how dependant I have become on a computer and internet for shopping, entertainment, bill pay and much more. Let's just say that I have played a ton on Monopoly on my Kindle than anything else.

But during this time, I have been using up my decant of no 19 in EDT form partly because I am not wild about no 19 in EDT form and the other part is needed something to combat the anxiety. I have been trying to use up my decant of Cuir de Russie as well. With Cuir de Russie, I have that huge 6.8 ounce bottle that I am wondering why I am hoarding and the half ounce bottle of parfum that does need some hoarding due to the fact that I can't afford $200 or more on a half an ounce of parfum every month and a half. I can only afford $50-$100 on decants and maybe a full bottle every month if I wanted to.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


It's a new year and I haven't really been inspired to blog about anything until today. For the past few days, I have been wearing Chanel no 22, Patou Joy and Shalimar and had a few half baked blog posts in mind but one stuck out in particular when I wore Joy.

Now, Patou Joy is one of my perfume loves because of the huge jasmine note and I love a huge jasmine note in perfume. Joy has that whole indolic jasmine and rose combination going on. It's bright and sunny but not 'heavy' like one would get in Nuda due to my arch enemy, tuberose. But Joy is difficult to wear because of the indoles. On Thursday, I wore Joy because I haven't worn in at least 6 months and people were yapping about cat pee and I realized that I don't wear Joy that often because people keep complaining about the cat pee and I don't even have a cat. Then, I did realize why I really don't wear Joy too often.

Chanel no 22 in vintage form is another one that can be a little difficult because of the powder. It's funny though, in the current formulation of no 22, there seems to be a whole lot less of the powder note but people do say that it smells funny or like bug spray, so I guess winter wear of no 22 is out of the question.