Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Remodels and Anxiety

I just love it when there is something in the house that is being remodeled. Right now, bathrooms and the kitchen is being redone. Well, one bathroom is gutted and the construction guys are about to install the bathtub and do the tiles and my kitchen is somewhat functional. Needless to say, it's anxiety inducing because of having people you don't know in your house and wondering if they are judging you about lots of things that I won't even mention. Don't even get me started on my dogs. My dogs are going between excited to anxious then not happy because I have to put them in my bedroom to keep them out of the way. Yes, my house has never been the cleanest because of two dogs but it's even worse with no pantry and construction dust everywhere. And remodeling is expensive so that makes the anxiety much worse. I hope that at the end of this month, this stuff will be done.

After helping out some rearranging and moving the computer room to a guest bedroom because I might get a grandmother staying over for a month because of a knee replacement, I was without a computer and internet for a day and a half. It's amazing because my computer desk breaks and I am lugging an old kitchen table to use as a computer desk, on how dependant I have become on a computer and internet for shopping, entertainment, bill pay and much more. Let's just say that I have played a ton on Monopoly on my Kindle than anything else.

But during this time, I have been using up my decant of no 19 in EDT form partly because I am not wild about no 19 in EDT form and the other part is needed something to combat the anxiety. I have been trying to use up my decant of Cuir de Russie as well. With Cuir de Russie, I have that huge 6.8 ounce bottle that I am wondering why I am hoarding and the half ounce bottle of parfum that does need some hoarding due to the fact that I can't afford $200 or more on a half an ounce of parfum every month and a half. I can only afford $50-$100 on decants and maybe a full bottle every month if I wanted to.

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