Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chanel no 5 EDT Vintage Review

After wearing a lot if no 19 and a couple other things in my collection, I realized on how I kind of was getting bored with wearing no 19 and just wearing the same old thing, I kind of needed a break. When I reached into my unworn/unreviewed bag, I pulled out a vintage decant of no 5 in EDT form and decided to give it a go yesterday, even though it broke my rule of not wearing anything new to work.

When I first put vintage no 5 on, it kind of was that whole funky vintage opening and then after a couple minutes, it became what I recognized as no 5. I kept thinking that I was gypped and wasn't impressed at all. Then I was smelling what I think were the nitro musks and I was head over heels in love with the vintage version. The current version is squeaky clean where the vintage version isn't so squeaky clean. The vintage version isn't outright dirty or skanky but hints around at a dirty side. All day yesterday, I couldn't stop smelling my wrist because it smelled that good. I wish that nitro musks and a whole lot of other things were banned because it is really starting to make modern perfumery a joke.

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