Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still Remodeling and Comparisons

Now I am starting to wonder why I am limiting myself to what I wear. For almost three months, I really have limited myself to maybe the same 4 or 5 perfumes. But it kind of did start out with what is work friendly and wear those to work and on days off, I can wear whatever I damn well want. But then the holidays hit and I just seemed to continue on with wearing the same 4 or 5 perfumes. I doesn't mean that I have drained any bottles but have drained a few decants. I would have preferred to drain a bottle or two but I will take some drained decants. But wearing Theorema at work yesterday made me ask myself, why am I doing this? Is it more than if I have a really bad day at work, I don't want it ruined with an association of a horrible day? Perfume is meant to be enjoyed and worn not hoarded and not really enjoyed.

But since my bathroom is still being remodeled, I have spent time looking at my mother's small perfume collection. It's small to me because I have around 40 perfumes (not including backups) and hers is drastically different than mine. Besides the bottle of Chanel no 5 EDP that she occasionally wears, her collection is either heavy patchouli or some light, aquatic thing. But she does seem to prefer the light, aquatic stuff. Light and aquatic does not suit me and on skin, it's outright nasty in a way because there are just too many offerings just like it. And she finds my collection overwhelming and many of them old lady and weird smelling. But I love my Shalimar and vintage Bal a Versailles and wouldn't change my collection for hers.

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