Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale Review

There is a feature on the niche perfume website, The Perfume Shoppe, that does recommend perfume based on your perfume preferences. I had filled out the form in my early days of being a perfume nut and there were three suggestions. One of them was Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale. I've been debateing on if I should go the decant route or just buy unsniffed. I am happy that I made the decision to get a decant instead of going for a full bottle. It turned to be an odd perfume on me. At first, I thought that I had put on Shalimar but then a shaving cream phase came. Yes, shaving cream laced with Shalimar. It's nice enough but it's a perfume that's trying to be Shalimar but yet not. The staying power is is decent andwears close to the skin.I'll take the Shalimar because I like it better and Shalimar doesn't fade after 6 hours.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lady Ruth Perfumes and Amouage

I did get a horrific craving to buy a full bottle of perfume and did break down and bought Amouage's Memoir. I didn't go through Luckyscent but through Lady Ruth Perfumes. You can go through the Lady Ruth Perfumes website but she does sell through Amazon. I placed the order on the 18th and my package had arrived today. I almost squealed with joy when I came home from work today to find that it had arrived. Memoir was buried in that packing popcorn stuff and then the box itself was wrapped in bubble wrap. I had forgotten how the Amouage perfumes are packaged and the outer box is beautiful. But what made me audibly squeal was that there were three Amouage samples with my order and one of them was Amouage's newest release, Honour for women. These samples are huge compared to what I am used to getting from Luckyscent and these samples are carded samples. It's just the awesomeness of getting a full botte of perfume after going about 6-8 months without getting a new bottle. I am going to be doing a lot more buisness with But just not yet since I've blown 3 months of my decant/full bottle budget.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amouage Memoir Review

I have finally gotten around to wearing and now reviewing Amouage Memoir for women. Memoir woman is a modern chypre. I do find that Memoir is in some ways related to Mitsuoko and Jubilation 25. Memoir avoids the dreaded title of old lady perfume that Mitsouko seems to get. Memoir is a sultry chypre but it makes the statement of either go big or go home on me. But on my skin Memoir is by no means a loud perfume. A guy friend of mine who never seems to notice perfume, except when he gets perfume for his mother asked me what I was wearing. He said that it was nice and light. I wouldn't say that any Amouage that I have tried is not exactly what I would call light and airy. Amouage perfumes are heavy on the frankincense. Memoir projects slightly but not so much so that it makes those around you want to run to the hills. Memoir is giving Amouage's Lyris for a run for it's money in terms of full bottle department. In the next two weeks, I should make my final descision to buy a full bottle.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women EDP

Obsession for women is one of those perfumes that people either love or hate. Yesterday, I had a hankering for Obsession due to the fact that I was reading Janet Fitch's White Oleander. One of the characters, Starr, was Astrid's first foster mother that wore Calvin Klein's Obsession. I do find that Obsession is a very fitting perfume for Starr who was a recovering alcoholic and a stripper that was obsessed with her married boyfriend and who felt threatened by Astrid's presence. I search for my 12 year old Obsession bottle (is that considered vintage?) and spritz some on. It still smells like what I remembered. Obsession is one of those perfumes that I can smell from a mile away and recognize immediately.

Calvin Klein's Obsession was apparently a huge, no, massive hit when it came out in the '80's and still somewhat popular today. Obsession is loud and heavy perfume. It's not to be applied with a heavy hand, so I apply with a very light hand and Obsession lasts all day and all night. I smell a lot of spices that are toned down with vanilla. As time goes on, the creaminess does come out and it softens the vanilla and spices. As I mentioned, there is a great staying power. I would not go recommending this for spring or summer but find this to be a fall or winter scent. I'm not sure that I will buy Obsession again but my 12 year old bottle is mostly full.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chanel Pour Monsieure EDT

I remember Chanel's Pour Monsieure to be a certain type of EDT. Pour Monsieure brings up a vision of a man who is well groomed, doesn't need Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, dresses in classic men's styles. A man that thinks that the current men's fashions are just out of hand. When learning that Pour Monsieure (not the concentrate) was no longer available in the United States, I had ordered a large decant of it from The Perfumed Court.

But alas, Pour Monsieure is not the EDT that I had remembered. Initially, I thought that there was something was wrong with my nose or the perfume that I was wearing that day was interfering with it. I had asked my mother, who asked me to order it for her, agreed that it's not the same EDT. I am looking at reformulation as the culprit. I do not remember Pour Monsieure smelling more like a toned down Lemon Pledge. I don't remember Pour Monsieure to be very heavy on the citrus. Pour Monsieure is, sadly, a former shadow of what it used to be.