Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amouage Memoir Review

I have finally gotten around to wearing and now reviewing Amouage Memoir for women. Memoir woman is a modern chypre. I do find that Memoir is in some ways related to Mitsuoko and Jubilation 25. Memoir avoids the dreaded title of old lady perfume that Mitsouko seems to get. Memoir is a sultry chypre but it makes the statement of either go big or go home on me. But on my skin Memoir is by no means a loud perfume. A guy friend of mine who never seems to notice perfume, except when he gets perfume for his mother asked me what I was wearing. He said that it was nice and light. I wouldn't say that any Amouage that I have tried is not exactly what I would call light and airy. Amouage perfumes are heavy on the frankincense. Memoir projects slightly but not so much so that it makes those around you want to run to the hills. Memoir is giving Amouage's Lyris for a run for it's money in terms of full bottle department. In the next two weeks, I should make my final descision to buy a full bottle.

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