Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lady Ruth Perfumes and Amouage

I did get a horrific craving to buy a full bottle of perfume and did break down and bought Amouage's Memoir. I didn't go through Luckyscent but through Lady Ruth Perfumes. You can go through the Lady Ruth Perfumes website but she does sell through Amazon. I placed the order on the 18th and my package had arrived today. I almost squealed with joy when I came home from work today to find that it had arrived. Memoir was buried in that packing popcorn stuff and then the box itself was wrapped in bubble wrap. I had forgotten how the Amouage perfumes are packaged and the outer box is beautiful. But what made me audibly squeal was that there were three Amouage samples with my order and one of them was Amouage's newest release, Honour for women. These samples are huge compared to what I am used to getting from Luckyscent and these samples are carded samples. It's just the awesomeness of getting a full botte of perfume after going about 6-8 months without getting a new bottle. I am going to be doing a lot more buisness with ladyruthperfumes.com. But just not yet since I've blown 3 months of my decant/full bottle budget.

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