Thursday, September 8, 2011

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women EDP

Obsession for women is one of those perfumes that people either love or hate. Yesterday, I had a hankering for Obsession due to the fact that I was reading Janet Fitch's White Oleander. One of the characters, Starr, was Astrid's first foster mother that wore Calvin Klein's Obsession. I do find that Obsession is a very fitting perfume for Starr who was a recovering alcoholic and a stripper that was obsessed with her married boyfriend and who felt threatened by Astrid's presence. I search for my 12 year old Obsession bottle (is that considered vintage?) and spritz some on. It still smells like what I remembered. Obsession is one of those perfumes that I can smell from a mile away and recognize immediately.

Calvin Klein's Obsession was apparently a huge, no, massive hit when it came out in the '80's and still somewhat popular today. Obsession is loud and heavy perfume. It's not to be applied with a heavy hand, so I apply with a very light hand and Obsession lasts all day and all night. I smell a lot of spices that are toned down with vanilla. As time goes on, the creaminess does come out and it softens the vanilla and spices. As I mentioned, there is a great staying power. I would not go recommending this for spring or summer but find this to be a fall or winter scent. I'm not sure that I will buy Obsession again but my 12 year old bottle is mostly full.

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