Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All Over The Place and Amouage Lyric

My thoughts for blogging are all over the place that I can't exactly focus on one thing or a couple things that would make up one post. But all I know is that it is definitely going into summer and I am having trouble with my perfumes sticking around on skin for any length of time. Even my Amouages are not really sticking around. But the good thing is that I can wear multiple scents throughout the day.

Speaking of Amouage, I did bust out and try the Lyric body butter and shower gel. After using the shower gel, I kind of am stuck with staying with either using the body butter or the perfume version of what ever Amouage shower gel I used. But using the shower gel, body butter or lotion, then using the perfume would be way too much and probably kill everyone around me. But Lyric somehow gets me the stink eye from my family because they don't much care for Lyric. But I do have to say that the body butter is fabulous and much better than a whole lot of body butters I've used. It's much thicker and I need to use less of it. That says a lot because my skin is very dry.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia Review

Ever since I smelled a real, honest to goodness gardenia flower I started to look for that would have either that blue cheese note or that huge mushroom note, I thought I would hit that with Velvet Gardenia. At this point, it's a big old no.

When I first sprayed this, I started to wonder if this was even perfume because I didn't smell a thing. I pressed my nose against my wrist and got a faint whiff of flowers and an even fainter whiff of mushroom. The flowers were definitely not gardenia or didn't even smell remotely smell of gardenia. Boy, was I disappointed but there was no throw to this perfume, I had to press my nose to my wrist to get anything. But after a couple hours, I did get some kind of sour that I couldn't identify and still can't identify. This only good thing is that my Amex is breathing a sigh of relief that I am not going to seek this out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Weather and VIntage Bal a Versailles

This spring, has been pretty goofy in Cleveland. We have a couple days where it is in the mid-80's with a 50% chance of thunderstorms that never happen and then we get a week of mid-50's temps. This makes it almost impossible to pick anything out or plan for anything perfume wise.

Vintage Bal a Versailles is probably my favorite perfume and my ultimate skank perfume and I've noticed a few things when it comes to the bottles when I do find them for a reasonable price. The PdT version is my favorite version and is difficult to find for something reasonably priced. The spray bottles, splash bottles and lyre bottles are totally different animals when it comes to how the perfume can smell. I'm not kidding, the spray bottle and the screw top splash bottles don't have the funky top notes that seems to be common with vintage bottles but my lyre bottles seem to have that funky, damaged top not thing going on. Out of all of the vintage Shalimars and Mitsouko that I have, I don't get that funk and Bal is the only one that has this. I'm wondering if it is something that has to do with the bottle. I don't regret my Bal lyre bottles but it just makes me wonder if it is the bottles themselves that do cause this and maybe some improper storage somewhere along the line.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Got Nothing

I can't believe that it is mid month and I haven't blogged about anything yet. But I don't have much because I'm not motivated to try anything and ideas are kind of scarce. So I don't have much.

You know, sometimes people and corporations really do amaze me. I'm not getting the post office this time. I bought something off E-bay and the seller shipped it promptly (always good) two weeks ago and the stupid package hasn't even arrived yet. I've tried to e-mail the post office about what happened to my package but I need the seller's address which I don't have and of course, I can't send the e-mail, I will call. I've had a similar issue before with a bottle of vintage Mitsouko and it didn't take a little over two weeks to arrive at my door step. But scratch that, I just checked and now it is at my local post office. But it kind of annoys me that it took so long.

But I am thinking of trying out the Amouage body products today. I'm thinking of going with Dia today or maybe Lyric. Right now, I can't decide but I do love days off where I can either test out a new to me perfume or new body products if I wanted to.