Thursday, May 14, 2015

Got Nothing

I can't believe that it is mid month and I haven't blogged about anything yet. But I don't have much because I'm not motivated to try anything and ideas are kind of scarce. So I don't have much.

You know, sometimes people and corporations really do amaze me. I'm not getting the post office this time. I bought something off E-bay and the seller shipped it promptly (always good) two weeks ago and the stupid package hasn't even arrived yet. I've tried to e-mail the post office about what happened to my package but I need the seller's address which I don't have and of course, I can't send the e-mail, I will call. I've had a similar issue before with a bottle of vintage Mitsouko and it didn't take a little over two weeks to arrive at my door step. But scratch that, I just checked and now it is at my local post office. But it kind of annoys me that it took so long.

But I am thinking of trying out the Amouage body products today. I'm thinking of going with Dia today or maybe Lyric. Right now, I can't decide but I do love days off where I can either test out a new to me perfume or new body products if I wanted to.

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