Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amouage Beloved Woman Review

I have finally gotten around to trying out something new, well, motivated into something new. Friday and Saturday seemed like days were wearing an Amouage just suited me. I was about to wear Gold but then decided it was going to be Beloved. Sometimes, it can be tough to wear something new. What if I go out and don't have the ability to wash this off kind of thing. What also prevented me from trying this is when Beloved came out, it was a shade over $400. Hey, I do have limits on what I will spend on a perfume. Now, Beloved is less spendy but in a way only Amouage could be.

Amouage has never had the skin scent thing or what other companies call 'your skin but better' type of thing. When I wear Amouage, everyone around me knows that it's perfume. And Beloved is perfumey but overly so. I do get quite a bit of rose and powder in this one but it's not the powder bomb of L'Heure Bleue nor is it like the rose in a couple other perfumes I could mention. The rose aspect is more like the discontinued Le Labo Aldehyde 44 or the current formulation of Chanel no, 22. Beloved does remind me mostly of Le Labo Aldehyde 44 but Beloved does smell expensive and I love it. Now I have to start saving pennies to get this.

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