Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Post Got Me into Thinking

Periodically, Now Smell This has those quarterly polls where people can share what they had gotten perfume wise in a certain period of time. That post entirely slipped my mind and forgot to post it. I have gotten into a pretty regular habit of posting on Now Smell This but that post got me to thinking about my spending habits on perfume.

Some months, I don't spend much of anything on perfume except for a few decants but other times it seems to be massive quantities of perfume. And the past two three months, I've spent a ton of money on E-bay getting vintages. To some those might not count as full bottles because more often than not, they are either partially used, victims to evaporation, or minis. I'm thinking that my two best finds have been two vintage teardrop Guerlains (Jicky and Mitsouko) that were actually full. I knew the vintage Jicky bottle was going to be big but the 8.5 ounce bottle was a monster and don't regret it one bit.

Sometimes I do get the buyer's remorse and try not to feel that way. I think that buyer's remorse comes from the fact that I own so much perfume to begin with. But I try to live my life without regretting things but it can be difficult.

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  1. A perfume lover friend of mine once laughingly remarked "well, we'll be the best smelling homeless person" and I laughed along with her. Unfortunately I was layed off shortly afterwards and those words haunted me! But things are good (not great, but getting by and not yet homeless!) and I'm enjoying my perfume probably more now than ever before!