Saturday, August 31, 2013

It Won't Leave Me Alone

Did ya ever have a perfume or a couple that won't leave you alone? Well, for a while, I really didn't have any perfume that commanded my attention for days at a time. I am not talking my full bottle wish list, it's the stuff that I already own. For the longest while, Mitsouko and Amouage Lyric did command my attention and wore them for days on end. Now, Chanel no 5 is monopolizing my time.

She won't leave me alone. I've been wearing no. 5 for about 2 weeks with maybe 3 days where I wore something else. It's not just one form of no. 5 it is just about every version that I own. I haven't started wearing my vintage EDC (found it really dirt cheap). I'm still looking at a vintage version of the extract but I can't be sure with some of these bottle offerings.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guerlain Jicky Vintage EDT

Back in the beginning of my perfume journey, I did order Jicky from the Perfumed Court and promptly tried it. It wasn't the vintage version nor the EDT version but the EDP version. Needless to say that, I wasn't impressed. It had a floor wax type of texture with a huge dollop of lavender and citrus. Fast forward a few years and trying Jicky in EDT version, I can say that I do love Jicky now. Even though the EDT version lacks something, the vintage version does not. I'm still not really thrilled with Jicky in EDT form.

The vintage Jicky EDT is a whole lot more animalic than the current EDT but still as effervescent as ever. But the vintage version leans more to the EDP version (pretty much impossible to find) which is keeping me from outright disliking it for not good reason. I'm not sure that I would seek the vintage version out.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wait a Minute, Thought You Couldn't Get This One

Apparently, Worth Courtesan has landed in the US. Every time that I have looked for it on Amazon or any other online place, it was labled out of stock or some such thing. Well, Ebay was the only place that I could find it and me getting stuff there is a very recent thing. I knew for the longest while, Courtesan was sold only in Europe. Even though I have a bottle, I want a backup and don't really want to go to Ebay for another bottle. Ebay is still scarey for me. I'm wondering on how the hell did I miss this fact that I now can find Courtesan here in the US and Amazon has it for a reasonable price.

Even though there are a lot of people who won't use Amazon for getting perfume, I'm less adverse to it. Yes, I get my Chanels from the Chanel website or the Chanel counter at the mall because the 3rd party sellers want a fortune ($100 or better) for a 1.2 ounce of no. 5. But I will use the 3rd party for my Amouages because I've had nothing but great experiences with Lady Ruth Perfumes. But normally, when I do get perfume from Amazon, they are pretty reasonable and sometimes you can get a bargain. I did manage to get a bottle of 1.7 ounce of Joy in EDP form for about $$60 instead of the usual $80 or more.