Saturday, August 31, 2013

It Won't Leave Me Alone

Did ya ever have a perfume or a couple that won't leave you alone? Well, for a while, I really didn't have any perfume that commanded my attention for days at a time. I am not talking my full bottle wish list, it's the stuff that I already own. For the longest while, Mitsouko and Amouage Lyric did command my attention and wore them for days on end. Now, Chanel no 5 is monopolizing my time.

She won't leave me alone. I've been wearing no. 5 for about 2 weeks with maybe 3 days where I wore something else. It's not just one form of no. 5 it is just about every version that I own. I haven't started wearing my vintage EDC (found it really dirt cheap). I'm still looking at a vintage version of the extract but I can't be sure with some of these bottle offerings.

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