Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guerlain Jicky Vintage EDT

Back in the beginning of my perfume journey, I did order Jicky from the Perfumed Court and promptly tried it. It wasn't the vintage version nor the EDT version but the EDP version. Needless to say that, I wasn't impressed. It had a floor wax type of texture with a huge dollop of lavender and citrus. Fast forward a few years and trying Jicky in EDT version, I can say that I do love Jicky now. Even though the EDT version lacks something, the vintage version does not. I'm still not really thrilled with Jicky in EDT form.

The vintage Jicky EDT is a whole lot more animalic than the current EDT but still as effervescent as ever. But the vintage version leans more to the EDP version (pretty much impossible to find) which is keeping me from outright disliking it for not good reason. I'm not sure that I would seek the vintage version out.

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