Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yes, I Have Enough but...

The conversation of having enough perfume has come up for the 50 millionth time in my household today. It is always when I am either searching Ebay, ordering from Surrender to Chance or Ebay that this conversation happens. The logical part of me says yes, I have more than I could ever use in a lifetime. Illogical says no.

If I had just a bottle of Mitsouko, Lyric and no 5 and stuck to those, things would be fine. Fine as in there wouldn't be so many cardboard boxes lying around. We do ship a lot of things to my sister, so they come in handy. I think that it has to do with slowly but surely trying to get my hands on vintage perfumes. Mitsouko has always been an example of a hard to love for me. It did take me a while to fall in love with the current version of Mitsouko and it was hard for me to love the vintage version. Now I know why it was hard for me, even though I was fascinated by her. It was the peach note that tripped up my beginner's nose but it was the chypre structure that I loved. But it is impossible to find a really old bottle of Mitsouko that isn't a fortune. But no 5 on the other hand, is pretty easy to find and for some reasonable prices. I had to get 2 bottles of the cologne to compare. The first bottle that I had gotten, the edges are rounded making it look a lot more square. I'm thinking that this one wasn't kept in a cool place or just plain didn't hold up because toward the end, it smelled like no 5 but mostly of
nail polish remover. The other bottle smelled better after 20 minutes of the nail polish note.

After poking around Ebay, I found myself a vintage no 5 in extract form that was a decent price. I'm sorry if I'm not exactly willing to spend $100 or more for a half used 1 ounce bottle of extract. Yes, I am cheap when it comes to something used.  One of the offerings was scary though. It was mostly full but the color was pale for a vintage and it was noted that there was some kind of sediment at the bottom but when you shook it up, you couldn't see it. I saw the picture after shaking it and the juice looked cloudy. That make me wary to get it.

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