Friday, September 20, 2013

Deneuve EDT Review

I'm sitting in front of my computer screen without a clear idea of what or why I am blogging for today. After a short road trip, I have forgotten all of my potential ideas and posts but then remembered the Deneuve EDT sitting on my dresser. I don't care if I am reviewing a perfume that I have already reviewed but I am. There are perfumes (Chanel no 5) out there that smell a little differently depending on the concentration and the variations deserve a review in their own right.

Deneuve was and is one of the first vintage/discontinued scents that just blew me away upon first application. I was first introduced to Deneuve by reading about it on perfume blogs and people saying that it was a real pity that it was discontinued. I hopped on over to the Perfumed Court and found that there was an offering of 8ml of the extract version that was a really good price considering what people were offering on Ebay for the same 8ml. The extract version just blew me away.

The EDT version smells almost exactly like the extract version but seems to be a little rosier than the extract version. The lasting power is surprisingly good for an EDT. Yes, I am still mostly hoarding my Deneuve because if it ever is going to come back, it probably won't smell the same.

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