Saturday, September 28, 2013

Packaging and Bottle Design

Every so often, I get really get annoyed with a box that any new perfume and the bottle design. It's always a joy when I buy a full bottle of perfume, even if it is a backup bottle. But the packaging that holds the perfume itself is irritating. What has gotten me annoyed with this stuff is I got my back up bottle of Nasomatto Nuda.

I am not talking about when the package itself arrives at my doorstep. Getting my perfume, unbroken, is important. Everything (the USP box and peanuts) except my invoice and perfume gets thrown out. I've always liked how Chanel and Serge Lutens (export line) look and loved the packaging because it is minimal. The bottles are plain, the packaging is plain. All in the idea of that the perfume should not be judged by the packaging but in the perfume itself. Sometimes, less is more.

The whole Nasomatto line has gotten me a little riled. The glass that actually holds the perfume is just fine but the cap is just horrid. I mean, really? A round, wooden cap. The cap is huge and just doesn't fit. The skanky tuberose/jasmine perfume is great but the cap could have been thought out a little better. Too much bulk and it just looks bad because of the proportions.

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