Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All Over The Place and Amouage Lyric

My thoughts for blogging are all over the place that I can't exactly focus on one thing or a couple things that would make up one post. But all I know is that it is definitely going into summer and I am having trouble with my perfumes sticking around on skin for any length of time. Even my Amouages are not really sticking around. But the good thing is that I can wear multiple scents throughout the day.

Speaking of Amouage, I did bust out and try the Lyric body butter and shower gel. After using the shower gel, I kind of am stuck with staying with either using the body butter or the perfume version of what ever Amouage shower gel I used. But using the shower gel, body butter or lotion, then using the perfume would be way too much and probably kill everyone around me. But Lyric somehow gets me the stink eye from my family because they don't much care for Lyric. But I do have to say that the body butter is fabulous and much better than a whole lot of body butters I've used. It's much thicker and I need to use less of it. That says a lot because my skin is very dry.

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