Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hold On Just One Minute

Quite a while ago, I had bought a bottle of vintage Chanel no 5 in EDC form off of E-bay and finally got around to giving it a go before bed last night. It hasn't gone bad or anything but the bottle smells like the middle part of no 5 in EDP form. I'm not kidding, it really does smell like that. But after reading The Guide by Turin and Sanchez and their take on all the variations on no 5, I have come to the conclusion that they haven't smelled the EDC version of no 5. The reason I say that is because I remember reading Turin saying that the EDP version of no 5 has no buisness in the no 5 universe because it smells like something from the 1980's. I have to disagree with that part because I was a child in the '80's and do remember, especially Obsession, what the '80's scents smell like. I have tried and own the EDP, EDT, and the EDC version of no 5 and I like the EDP version the best out of all that I own. In the beginning of my perfume journey, I did own a small bottle of the parfum version and used it up real quick and I can't remember what it smells like anymore but remember a fourth of an ounce was $95 but now $125. Thirty dollars might not seems like a lot, but it can be huge when one is about to get for a quarter of an ounce of perfume.

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