Monday, March 24, 2014

Diorissimo EDP review

Quite a while back, I had reviewed my decant of Diorissimo EDT and remembered enjoying it while deploring the length of time that it lasted on skin. Diorissimo in EDT seemed to last about 4 hours on my skin and I kind of like not to reapply throughout the day.

For a while, I did pretty much forget about Diorissimo until I came across my small decant of it and wore it for 3 days until I emptied the thing. Then it did become love and I couldn't exactly justify getting any sized bottle of the EDT form. Not really thinking that the EDP would be any different than the EDT, I had bought a bottle. Boy, was I wrong about the EDT and EDP being different.

Both variations smell like Diorissimo but there is a huge difference when the top notes wear off. In the EDT version, it's a green lily of the valley with very little jasmine and musk serving as an anchor. But the EDP version from the get go is jasmine. Not any kind of jasmine but a whopping dose of indolic jasmine. I love jasmine and the more indolic the better. The indolic jasmine in the EDP version did take me by surprise but somehow it works in the EDP version. After a while the Diorissimo that I've become familiar with in the EDT version comes into play but never quite loses the skanky jasmine. The lily of the valley seems to be a little creamier in the EDP version and I am thinking it is because of the jasmine. I enjoyed the lasting power of this version of Diorissimo and I am hoping that Diorling comes out in EDP form and maybe there isn't such a strong sliced green pepper note in the beginning.

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