Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dab, Splash, Spray

Looking at my perfume collection, I did notice that most of my collection is in spray bottle form and not a splash bottle. And it got me to thinking of what I do prefer in a perfume bottle and in decant form. From what I have seen is that splash bottles are not really all that common. So most of my splash or dabbing bottles are either vintage perfume or perfumes in extract form. I'm not counting some of those carded samples that I've got because the full bottles of those perfumes come in spray bottles.

As much as I like the whole idea of dabbing and splash bottles, it just doesn't really suit me to dab due to a few things. I will admit that I can be a butter fingers and with how my luck can run, I most likely would uncork or unscrew my splash or dabber bottles and the bottle would either break or spill all over me. Or the very real chance that I would really over apply the perfume. To me, spraying lets me know a lot faster if I over applied.

But what I'm actually jonesing for is the Guerlain extracts in those spray tester bottles and I'm having no real luck to finding a bottle at a reasonable price. Well, when I do come across them, it costs almost as much as the regular retail bottles. The reason why I am looking is because it seems like I have a bigger issue of evaporation with the extract bottles. Yes, I can decant it but I haven't mustered up the courage to do it yet.

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