Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vintage Givenchy III Review

I always keep forgetting that chypres seem to do best in cool or cold weather. They can be horribly moody or downright nasty in warm weather. On Friday, I was wearing Mitsouko in a store that was overheated and Mistouko was just vicious to me and when I had gone outside, she was singing my praises. Even though Chanel no 19 (EDP) likes warm/hot weather, she really blooms in cooler weather.

But this leads me to vintage Givenchy III. I have a tiny spray decant that I had tested out but I am not sure if this is an EDT or an EDP version. But after wearing it last night, I can defiantly identify this as a chypre. My nose says that this is a cross of Mitsouko and Chanel no 19. But III leans more to Mitsouko. The galbanum and rose lends to the no 19 association but the rose in Mitsouko. I do smell aldehydes in III which does seperate III from Mitsouko. If it were not for the aldehydes and galbanum, I probably would have taken III for Mitsouko. But I really do like III and ordered a large decant.

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