Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Neverending Collection

As cumbersome as my collection of perfume might be, it never seems to be quite complete. There is always something new to smell. I'm using the term 'new' kind of loosely. There are perfumes that have been floating around perfume land for a few years that are new to me or the latest release that I've gotten a hold of. I'm always looking for a new love and vintage versions of some of my favorites. But I kind of made a vow to try not to get any more bottles until I use up more of my decants and try and finish off a full bottle or two.

What did inspire me to kind of write this was Perfume Posse's "You Know You're a Perfumista if..." post and it got me to thinking of a few things with my collection. Yes, I do need that half full back up bottle of Deneuve because they don't make those kinds of perfume so much anymore and it's a discontinued perfume. Besides, it's a shining example of what a celebrity scent should be like. Yeah, I do need the vintage tear drop versions of Shalimar. Hey, past generations of Shalimar had a different yet distinct animalic growl than the current version. But even the newest version of Shalimar is still pretty close to the vintage versions but there isn't much of an growl to it anymore.

Sometimes, I like having various concentrations of the same perfume. Take Chanel no. 19 for example. The EDT is a very butch leather/ iris type and not exactly my thing since I like my leather to be plush. Extrait is more of a plush iris and toned down leather and more of my thing even though I do like my iris to be hissy and carroty. The EDP really rocks my socks though. It was a bitey galbamnum with a bright rose.

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