Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Perfume is Getting Really Crude

I ought to be reviewing either Hedonist or Une Rose Chypree but I just can't review any perfume right now until I get this off my chest. I'm not liking a lot of perfumes right now. After floating around people, I am convinced that nobody is really not paying attention to perfume. Or many people are too lazy too seek out what actually smells good.

But the current state of perfume isn't exactly helping matters either. Think of all the perfumes that are released every month. Most do smell crude, rushed or just plain bad and it seems like half of them is something I've already smelled about 1,000 times before. So it seems like there are going to be no new perfumes on their way to becoming possible classics like Chanel no 5. Offerings for men have really gone down as well. The same old boring citrus, god awful musk and aquatics have left men smelling really bad. Bad as in that you can spend $500 on an outfit but bad perfume and make up (women) can destroy the whole look.

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