Monday, June 30, 2014

Comme des Garcons Kyoto EDT Review

Now it's time for a review after yapping/whining about perfume shopping. And not really blogging in general. But last night, I had randomly pulled out Comme des Garcons Kyoto. I have been meaning to give Kyoto and Avignon for a while now but Kyoto was the one that I had grabbed first.

At first application to skin, I immediately couldn't smell Kyoto. My first reaction was annoyance because I really wanted to try Kyoto. Then I took another sniff. Then I smelled Kyoto and Kyoto reminded me of a couple of perfumes that I couldn't quite remember. Then I had remembered Zagorsk and Chanel's Sycomore in my collection. Kyoto smells kind of like a cross between those two but resembles Sycomore a little bit more. I've noticed that Kyoto is just as dry as Sycomore but not as austere as Sycomore. I really don't smell a whole lot of incense in Kyoto but I do like it. For me, it's one of those perfumes that teeters on the edge of full bottle worthy. But there are two things that do hold me back. Kyoto is an EDT and doesn't last too long on my skin and since the price went up on this line, it might be a while before I do take the plunge to buy a bottle.

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