Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guerlain Nahema EDP Review

A while back, I did review Guerlain's Nahema and really enjoyed it. But what I reviewed was the vintage PdT. The only time that I see a perfume in a PdT form if it is in vintage form and nobody does a perfume in PdT today. Ever since the 80's when companies were launching perfumes in the new at the time, EDP version, the PdT's were discontinued.

Months ago, I had revisited the PdT version of Nahema and instead of just really enjoying it, I fell in love. In a moment of impulse, I bought a bottle of the current EDP version. I always like to review vintage versions and current versions of perfume separately. I like to do it because they might be somewhat different or massively different.

Is the current version of Nahema different than the vintage PdT that I have? Yes and no. The vintage version was more about the imaginary plush, jammy rose and the current version is more about the green hyacinth and a little less on the rose. The rose is still a dominant player but it's not as huge as the PdT. I do love green perfumes are there are many out there but there are not too many that include hyacinth. I love hyacinth in my garden, in the grocery store when they sell them as potted plants in the spring, and when they are either a star player in perfume or as a major supporting character in perfume. I can't fathom why perfumers don't use this more often in perfume. When they seem to, hyacinth is pushed way back or it's trampled by everything else. What I have noticed is that the current EDP is a little thinner than the vintage PdT. I still find the current version of the EDP very enjoyable and I do think that Nahema will have a permanent place somewhere in my collection.

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