Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of Those Times

I could be blogging about a lot of other things today but just not exactly motivated to do what I had initially wanted to blog about today (reviewing Coromandel). But a couple other things have popped up that makes today a day of being all over the place.

I've always been behind of many things in the perfume world. The latest releases, discontinuations and many other things. But the recent release stuff really doesn't bother me too much. Not like things being discontinued. I had finally decided to just bite the bullet and order that massive bottle of L'Heure de Nuit. It doesn't come in smaller sizes and it never seemed to be popular, even in the perfume circles. It could have been the musk in there that practically laundry musk but I love it in spite of that. I find L'Heure de Nuit easier to wear and a whole lot less powdery. Looking around to find a bottle, knowing that I was going to spend almost $300 for it. It was on a couple websites as being out of stock. After posting this on NST and getting a couple facts and a phone number, L'Heure de Nuit was discontinued and that a Neiman Marcus store in Houston, Texas had two bottles left. So I ordered a bottle and I am having it shipped to Ohio. Do I need a bottle that contains 4.2 ounces of perfume? My answer is hell no but how can I really resist a bee bottle? Did I blow my resolution for no new bottles? Yes but I view it as worth it. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the prospect of scouring E-Bay for a full bottle.

Yes, I have been staying off of E-Bay, so my New Years resolutions haven't entirely been broken. I don't need to procure another bottle of vintage Bal nor do I really need to look for more Deneuve or anymore vintages right now. Keeping up with my full bottles and decants is difficult as it is but I have made a little progress. I dumped out my worn and reviewed decant bag and threw out some empty decants (evaporated), drained a few and since I had a few decants of the same scent, I combined to make a little more room in that bag. Why do I need 5 decants of MKK where most of them are partially full? Combined those and made 2 larger decants. I had mostly threw out a lot of 2ml decants and a couple 3ml decants. It's always the smaller decants that always take up the most space. It isn't a whole lot of progress but it's progress.

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