Friday, April 8, 2011

Havana Vanille aka Vanille Absolument

I have finally found a vanilla perfume that I love. Not barely tolerate, not like, but actually love. Most vanilla perfumes have this cupcake smell to them that I cannot stand. Havana Vanille is an earthy, sweet vanilla. I get a huge rum note from Havana Vanille that gives it the sweetness factor and I usually dislike sweet perfumes (I'm picky). What makes me really love the sweetness the tobacco. I think that the tobacco keeps it from becoming too sweet and unwearable. I have not tried this in warmer weather or when it is hot outside but it seems to be something that can be worn year round. Longitivity is pretty decent and wears close to the skin.


  1. Enjoy!! I knew this one was going to be popular from the moment I tried it.

    I suggest you also try out Fifi by Fifi Chachnil. Not a pure vanilla, but a tobacco laced floriental, very nice.

  2. Then it's off to to order a sample.