Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How in the World

With this perpetual heatwave has brought out a monster craving for jasmine dominant perfumes and let to something strange. By digging through my huge, and I mean huge, pile of decants, I've managed to accumulate 3 decants of A La Nuit, 4 decants of Sarrasins, 2 for Deneuve and Courtesan and a few others. I'm not exactly happy that Serge Lutens hasn't made Sarrasins available to the folks who live here in the US but I'm not Serge Lutens and unfortunately, don't get to make that choice of which is an export and which is not. So, I make due with decants of Sarrasins because I don't have means to go to Paris. But I'm still a little embarrassed to have that many decants of the same 5 or 6 perfumes.
My skin is insanely dry year round but I am having perfumes vanish on me without warning. Even though I am chugging lots of water and using a fair amount of lotion, perfume is still not sticking around on my skin. I'm not happy because I have a slew of perfumes that I really want to try and review but I want to know about the staying power of any scent before I can review.

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