Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Stock Out of Stock

In the past, I've blogged about Chanel's no. 19 in EDP form being out of stock. Then a couple weeks ago, it was in stock. When it was in stock, my discretionary spending money was all used up. What I am having trouble understanding is that American consumers do not have any consistent access, even online, to purchase no. 19 in EDP form. I am one such person that does have the driest skin on the planet and EDT's are the quickest to disappear on my skin. I have two thirds of a bottle left of Chanel no. 19 in EDP form and a full bottle of extract but I adore it in EDP form. Do I honestly need a backup bottle of no. 19? The logical part of me says no but the perfume nut in me says, if you truly love it, yes. When Chanel sent out the first e-mail a year or two ago about having no. 19 in EDP form, it seemed to be constantly in stock until a month or two ago where it seemed to be having it sporadically in stock. I didn't stock up a year or two ago because at that stage, I couldn't justify owning two full bottles of the same perfume. So yeah, I'm kicking myself.

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